Book now! Qualcomm snapdragon accidentally confirmed snapdragon 845: 8 nuclear 7nm, super performance

Apple and Qualcomm’s patent dispute did not turn off the trend, but this week, Samsung, Foxconn, Microsoft, Intel and others have come forward to support Apple, against Qualcomm “hegemony.”


Responding to the process, Qualcomm has unexpectedly exposing the chip has not yet officially released products.

Among them, the entry of snapdragon 440 (SDM440), high-end snapdragon 845 (SDM845).


According to the current information, snapdragon 845 based on TSMC 7nm process to build, 2018 into mass production, is expected to be the end of the year or early next year officially released.

Starting models, the Samsung Galaxy S9, millet 7 and other possibilities.

CPU architecture, snapdragon 845 is expected to continue 8 core, independent magic change 4 nuclear A75 and 4 nuclear A55, GPU is Adreno 630.

In addition, snapdragon 845 Aspect X20 baseband, 5G and students, support LTE Cat.18, the theoretical maximum download rate of up to 1.2Gbps, upload speed can reach 150Mbps.

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