The world strongest! Microsoft latest Xbox One X will debut

The world’s strongest! Microsoft’s latest Xbox One X will debut
世界最強!微軟最新Xbox One X 將登場.

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Since last year’s E3 show, Microsoft announced the “Scorpio Plan” for the first time, announced that they are making a new Xbox, the game industry has played no small waves, but also so many fans of the Xbox look forward to, when the Xbox can return Play with PlayStation and compete for the world! And in the E3 pre-show Microsoft independent press conference, they finally the body of the project made public, and officially named it “Xbox One X”! Also announced that in November 7, with the players to meet.

Microsoft said that Xbox One X will be the world’s most powerful home console, but also the smallest size of the Xbox host so far; its specifications do prove that they are true, in addition to 4K 60Fps running HDR screen, the hardware there are 6 Teraflop, 1.17GHz GPU, and 12GB GDDR5 memory; and the current strongest host PS4 Pro has been launched for many days, GPU processor 4.12 TFLOPS computing speed, there are 8GB GDDR5 memory is lost to the Xbox One X is right; and Xbox One X also has a PS4 Pro does not have Blu-ray disc player, and even added our computer gradually popular water-cooled (liquid capillary cooling) system, that is, the previous Xbox because of high temperature red light Situation, the future may be difficult to see!


But also on the Xbox’s independent release, also announced the current will be on the Xbox One X will be on the game, including “Assassin Dogland OriginS”, “Metro: Exodus”, “Forza Motorsport 7” and other new works, Ball (racing, shooting, sports) almost three types of games almost, and contains the previous out of the “last battle: Star Ring Battle 2”, “extreme racing horizon 3”, “war machine 4”, “killer Elephant “, and even” MineCraft “, as well as third-party manufacturers” Final Fantasy XV “,” evil spirit castle 7 “will be upgraded to the corresponding 4K

The Xbox One X will be sold on November 7, US pricing for US $ 499

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