Who is the strongest flagship P10 Plus vs Mate 9 Pro analysis!

Huawei has just published in the P10 and P10 Plus, which P10 Plus just before the Mate 9 Pro also belong to the 5.5-inch models, although Taiwan is not listed yet to know the listing details, A Hui first to look at two in the end Who is more powerful? The

Directly look at the specifications table comparison, A Hui also put the better to yellow mark, as the 5.1-inch P10 and 6-inch Mate 9 is not discussed in the content of Ahui today, you can refer to [MWC 2017] a read! Huawei P10 / P10 Plus complete comparison table vs Mate 9 / P9 series one look at the whole than a comprehensive!

P10Image result for p10

Mate 9

Image result for mate 9

Performance – tie

Both configuration are 960 processors, are the current front-line SoC, but should pay attention to Taiwan has not yet determined whether the 4G or 6GB version of sales, while the P10 Plus memory slot, but Ah Hui that the importance of good

Size – P10 Plus win

Width and thickness and weight are smaller P10 Plus, Mate 9 Pro despite the surface of the screen but not narrow the width of a little pity

Appearance – from top to bottom

Mate 9 Pro has a double-sided screen, P10 Plus with a new color and anti-fingerprint behind the metal drill processing, should be considered up and down with the characteristics

Take pictures – almost the same, P10 Plus wins

The P10 Plus has inherited the Mate 9 series of photographs, but P10 Plus Leica portrait mode, software features more complete, but Mate 9 Pro software updates should also have the opportunity to transplant these new software features ; Another P10 Plus main camera aperture is also a big advantage, but basically the two are almost the same excellent camera ability.

Screen – Mate 9 Pro win

Mate 9 Pro using AMOLED A Hui that the relatively high, more power is the advantage, the other is also so Always On Display is really convenient.

Electricity – Mate 9 Pro win

Larger battery plus a more power-saving screen, Mate 9 Pro can be said to slightly win

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