HMD first flagship machine Nokia 8 appearance exposure

Rumors HMD’s first flagship Nokia 8, recently by the well-known Twitter broke the bulletin published the relevant photos.

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It may also be called Nokia 9 this phone, the shape is probably Nokia 6 narrow border version, may also be a bit like rumors in the Galaxy Note 8 style. This phone is expected to be published in 7/31, while will carry Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip, no longer as the previous Nokia 6, Nokia 5 and other mobile phones, chip parts are only located in the low-order. In addition, Nokia 8 also used recently more and more popular dual-lens design.

Other rumors in the specifications, including 5.3-inch screen, 4GB or even 6GB of memory, will be equipped with Android 7.1.1, and should also be the same as the past, using Android native system. As for the dual lens specifications are not clear, but there should be a lens with 13 million pixels. The phone is also expected to be priced at 600 euros, about NT $ 20,875.

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At present, HMD made Nokia brand license, has been launched in Taiwan Nokia 6, Nokia 5, and Nokia 3 three smart phones, and in other markets also launched a number of functional phones, such as the well-known models of 3310 modern version, But still has not launched the use of top chip flagship mobile phone.

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