18-core Intel Core I9 is coming! Intel announced the launch of Core X series of high-end processors

18 core Intel Core I9 processor came!

At the Taipei International Computer Show Computex 2017, Gregory Bryant, Intel’s vice president and general manager of the client computer division, presented a series of new products, including the new Core I9 processor.

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From the point of view of naming, I9 is ​​more powerful than the current series of I5, I7 and so on; in fact, Intel’s position on the I9 is ​​”the ultimate performance and large-scale task processing capacity”; and its performance is mainly in the ” Innovative data-intensive tasks such as virtual reality content creation and data visualization. ” In other words, the real object of the I9 processor is a task that needs to deal with a large amount of data beyond the creation of VR content outside the PC common task.

According to Gregory introduced, Intel Core I9 overall performance is powerful, but also divided into five different versions. The lowest version has 12 cores and 24 threads, priced at $ 999; the strongest performance is the Intel I9 Extreme Edition (I9 Extreme), which is the first consumer desktop CPU with 18 cores and 36 threads, Priced at $ 1999.

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CoreX series processor family

In fact, in the introduction of I9 processor at the same time, Intel also integrated existing Core I5 ​​and I7 processor, jointly launched the CoreX series processor product family; according to Intel’s argument, this product family is Intel’s most scalable, Accessibility and the most powerful PC, can be launched for different prices 4 to 18 core of multiple options.

From the current situation, CoreX series processor entry device for the i5-7640X, it has 4 core and 4 threads, priced at $ 242; and the highest order device is the above I9 ​​Extreme Edition processor. In other words, the CoreX family is priced between $ 242 and $ 1999.

In line with the birth of the I9 processor and the CoreX processor family, Intel will also introduce the motherboard chipset for the X299, which will be compatible with all CoreX series processors and is expected to appear in the partner’s product for some time to come The

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In the chip architecture, Intel also on the sixth generation Skylake platform was updated, named Skylake X. The X series in the most low-order two 4-core chips, i5-7640X and i7-7740X will be based on the seventh generation Kaby Lake X platform.

In addition, Intel is updating Turbo Boost (Turbo Boost), and will launch Intel Turbo Boost MAX 3.0 (Turbo Boost Max 3.0), the technology is the key to identify the two best performance of the core, so that these The core takes on critical workloads to achieve a significant increase in single-threaded or multi-threaded performance. Intel said that in the multi-threaded conditions, CoreX series of enhancements than the previous generation more than 10%; single thread is 15%.

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