Iphone8 coming out of the most powerful technology Iphone8 struck!

Apple has become the world’s most famous mobile phone brand, has now come out to the seventh generation of mobile phones, immediately coming in September will soon release Iphone8, Apple 7 technology has not been a substantial reform, many people on the Apple Produced a sense of fatigue, the number of Apple fans decline, the Iphone8 for Apple is an important exception, then Iphone8 will bring what new technology?

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According to information from Apple’s Largan, Apple has confirmed that this year’s IPhone 8 will be built-in 3D sensor components, for the user’s face recognition and iris recognition. According to analyst Jeff Pu’s point of view, Apple will be the only one in the second half of this year launched a built-in iris recognition smart phone manufacturers. In addition, in this year’s IPhone 8, Apple will also join the face recognition technology.

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There are related analysis, Apple’s future product plan, IPhone 8 will also be equipped with an infrared transmitter module and infrared receiver module, and the entire module will be used in the future FaceTime function. According to Guo Ming, this new system will complete 3D perception and modeling through the camera, as well as more advanced biometrics. In addition to 3D face recognition front camera, Apple’s IPhone 8 will also use the glass body has OLED display, and there may be Touch ID fingerprint recognition technology embedded in the bottom of the screen. Is this not a full screen?

Apple’s face recognition in the reform and innovation may be the industry’s first person, do not know these product innovation can bring it much benefit? 3D face recognition, coupled with the possible existence of a comprehensive screen, could not help but Iphone8 more than a bit look forward to, but this is rumors, specifically how, please wait and see!

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