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Monkey thunderbolt has been out on the market for quite a long time, for 10 years i’d said, and it seems to be true. When is was still a teenage who work for various type of casino center. From the lowest available casino center to the most top high end casino center. In the 1990’s we will definitely be seeing most of the customer will be playing a same game. The game is with lantern design betting table and 5 monkeys attached to a line, which is the main course of the game. Now it was famous to be in the SCR888 Online Casino.

The game provides a very sooth melody in the betting table bringing a very classic feel out of the game that take different variations of betting ways available. This game doesn’t have a luck shot like most of the slot games, that brings a test of luck from most the time. In normal slot games, most of our players will be waiting for free spins or even the Jackpot to drop. This game provide variable payout multiplier and a random jackpot that drops down to cover the most highest payouts. It gives out from the lowest x2 multiplier to the highest x1000.

The bet table is quite confusing for most first time player. It shows a vertical line with numbers of 6 5 4 3 2 respectively, and with a horizontal line that shows number of 5 4 3 2 1. Every numbers from both of the lines will be combined to a different area with a diagonal way that gives up to 16 betting places all with different payout according to the last round. After the players places their bet and press the go button, we will see the 5 monkey will start to climb to the top. After that the result will be the first and the second monkey that reach the top and bottom left of the result will show the payout rate of the round.

Now for the Jackpot free monkey, when you saw the monkey king appear on the screen swinging and let down a thunderbolt, then it will random an extra number for the round. E.g. the free monkey let down a number 1, then for the round the first and second monkey to win will get an extra lane from the each of the numbers that will allow the payout of that round to go sky high from betting 1 credit you will stand a chance of winning an amount of 4000 credits in that round. Not to mention that the game also allow the players to bet from the banker and players side adding on a tie side that payout regularly like normal baccarat which was 1:9. This game is also available in out TONY888 One Stop Online Casino Malaysia.

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