SCR888 has been out for around a half of a decade, it was well known for the popularity of players and huge fan base, as shown from my last blog post that i have made quite an easy to read article with most of the players feedback and the system pro’s and con’s.

Lets take this article to know more about the infamous SCR888, first, the background. In general, most casino activities is prohibited by Malaysia government as they do not allow other than companies that have been granted a license to have such activities. But as we can see, there still tons of Online Casino providers that still and until now provide their services to most of the players around Malaysia. The players will bank in their desired amount to the providers bank account and in exchange the providers will give them points to allow them to play in the pool. Players can withdraw their winning also by bank transfers, not talking about big or small win.

Second, Trustworthiness & Reliability, in this big family of most of the Online Casino Provider, there are not always providers that think much out of the box, some of them are just Big-Time Scam that try to find a fortune using the unstable concoction system of the era, that Malaysia Government did not allow the Gamble Activities. They will first either call the Players to bank in an amount then as long as they don’t meet any of the Jackpot’s to be turn down. They will still be available as normal, but until they meet up a big win and straight away they disappeared in thin air. Players did not see the dealers face to face, so there is no such things as evidence. So as players will want to play, They can always find trustworthy dealers such as TONY888, this company has been over a decade long and has been well known for their efficient workers and non-limit withdrawal.


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