Our company has implanted Maxim Malaysia Online Casino Slot game as one of our products by 2 years ago. The Maxim Casino which was originated from the western Esplanade which was in England Seafront. The name was originally called “Westcliff” or “Waterfront” Casinos which was build up in 1970s and was first founded in the Mill House in Station Road. The Casino itself, also provided an open air swimming pool and a boat deck was also available as a body of the Centre. In 1987, It was also evolved to become one of the shining star of Britain and also the largest provincial Casino. the founder was Brent Walker, and later named R J Bown Holdings. It was then later been bought down by the great Genting UK company by a massive amount of 30 million EUR.

The casino itself features as much as thousand types of different slot game and an amount of around 10 thousand of individual Slot Machineand around twelve types of table games for the players to access from. There is also now announced that there also 120 restaurant that successfully covered the Casino itself to allow more different types of players, from tourist to locals, whether you are or not seeking for a casino game, mostly we deemed that a human will unable to withstand the magical spell of a Casino. After a good lunch or dinner, 50% of the people will be attracted to enter the infamous casino. There is also a fun fact for the casino itself, that is it doesnt act like most of the Casino that mostly ascend from the ground floor to higher floor, but it descend from the ground floor to lower floors, which has 3 stages.

In November 2007,  Genting Stanley has successfully fused the two famous Sister casino which was Spielers Casino and WestCliff Casino, which later on chnaged the names to Southend Mint and Maxims. The work itself Cost Mr.Stanley at least a multi-million dollar to make it work. The first ever casino wedding was also held out at the Southend.

In 2010, there was also a news about a man called Paul Bahbout that was having debt of about 50,000 EUR has also make a turn back of his life, from managing bars to a quarter millionaire. Paul was a single man that has now planned his lifetime holiday from dubai, thailand and Las vegas. Never think of a chance on yourself? Now we show you the bright side!

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