Starting from 2015, when online casino was just starting to be one of the tea-time trends, this was where one of our Playtech Famous slot machine Great Blue stands up, to take up all before our famous fruit machines that normally we saw at Classic Casino’s.

The main difference in our classic fruit machine and our modern Slot Machine Great Blue, the game provide even better bonus rates as players will be able to get up to 15x Free Games & up to 8x Multiplier at a same time, creating a whole new dimension in low bet high winning rates.

Reports of our systems even shows that, when the first time the game shows up in the menu, it shows low player rates in the game. After about one week, we show reports about high winning rates in our player pool. The is where the game starts to show viral response, we even get a total winning rate as high up to 56%.

The game uses a blue background to shows the theme in a ocean feel. The 3D Graphics shows a very smooth game play for our players, when the bonus shows up a very beautiful melody when the bonus comes out when you reach 3 shells. It will then let you to choose from 5 shells, The first one will be the free games amount from the lowest 5 spins to highest 15 spins. The second one will be Multiplier from out highest 8 times to the lowest 3 times.If you are lucky enough to be able to get both the highest amount respectively, the next minute you are mostly ready to withdraw your winning  amount.

Great blue is a 25 Lines Slot machine, betting amount ranges from 0.25 to 2500 Credit. The line takes our huge rewards for brave players that able to bet higher as when you get the highest bonus and free game rate able, assume that you bet 1.25 credits, by getting five whales in a line multiply by multi-lines, calculate it and it shows a significant amount E.g.:- 1.25 x 1000 x 8 x 25 = 250,000!!! It may not be the highest available win in the whole gaming series but it was surely the best WPB rate. It is available live at our Hottest Online Casino Malaysia.banner copy


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