Kim Kardashian Reveals Secret Talent & It’s SUPER Weird — Watch



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Wow! Kim Kardashian never fails to impress us with secret talents, and she just revealed one on Mar. 30 that will blow your mind! We’ve got details on what she had to say.

Kim Kardashian has a nose for….cavities! Yes, the reality star has reaffirmed that she’s able to sniff out rotting teeth just by the way they smell. TMZ caught up with the reality star as she headed out to lunch at Cuvee in West Hollywood where a gaggle of paparazzi were waiting for her as she debuted her new shorter hairstyle. Not only did she share that she can smell bad chompers, the 36-year-old said she has the ability to do it with “everyone.” Wow, what an incredible gift!

The beauty has discussed her amazing ability before, telling Harpers Bazaar in Sept. 2016 that, “I can smell when someone has a cavity,” she said. “It’s a very specific smell – not a bad-breath smell – but something that is really strong.” She proved her talent on Keeping Up With The Kardashians back in July of 2012 when she told her sister Khloe, 32, that she could smell a cavity on then-husband Lamar Odom’s breath. While Koko laughed it off, Kim was dead serious telling her “No I could smell it… my sixth sense is coming.” She even groaned that, “I almost throw up in my mouth every time I hug him” when it came to his cavity-laden breath.

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This isn’t something that producers made up for the reality show either, as she tweeted about her unique ability as far back as 2009. She told followers, “I have a really odd talent. I can smell when someone has cavaties [sic]! I have never been wrong yet! They don’t even have 2 be super close by me. … I can smell by having one conversation with someone! Sooo weird huh!” We bet dentists across LA have had plenty of new patients thanks to Kim being able to diagnose rotting teeth!

HollywoodLifers, do you know anyone who has the ability to smell cavities on someone’s breath? Or do you think it’s unique to Kim?

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