Dolphin Reef, Beginning of the Ocean Theme

Dolphin Reef maybe one of the oldest slot game that was based on Ocean Theme, we most saw this game on classic kedai mesin kuda. This is still one of the most popular slot game until now, that most people will be known for the days that we go for slot playing at the most classic shops beside a barber shop or maybe a mamak.

The Game was setup with an Ocean Blue theme that was similar to Great Blue but it was a bit different that it uses a more lighter blue theme as the background finishing. The free-games is based on the dolphins amount. Players will be able to bet from the minimum 0.25 to the highest 250 per spin. This game is also be known for the first slot game that uses wild lanes in the free games. This game is also available in our SCR888.

If the player is lucky enough to be able to win a free game, the 2nd and 4th lane will be changed to Full Wild that can be counted as any of the icons. There will also be dolphin animations jumping between the lanes to show the free games. This is quite unique when the time of the release. Players grow fond of the free game rate that is higher than normal slot games. But actually, the Free Games provide much less payout than most of the typical slot games, due to the game did not provide any multiplier during the free game session. But during the time when Dolphin Reef Slot Game is becoming one of the most popular slot game in the section, most slot game also did not provide multiplier at the free game session.

According to most player feedbacks, they love to have wild lanes during the free game section, that will allow the players to be able to win a fortune when the highest payout slots come to the front that they just need to fill in 3 lanes. The market percentage also shows that at the late 2014, 52% of the Malaysia online casino slot game players would be playing Dolphin Reef. But after a few months, more and more games come out with more free game spin and multiplier has caused most of the Loyal Players to change their favour to another game.


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