The END for the World Cup and keeping moving to others

FIFA World Cup has ended up with the victory for France as they won the World Cup once again since 1998. No matter what are the outcomes that you get in this largest sporting event in the world, have you been enjoy yourself in Malaysia Sport Books for the world cup this season? The final score of the final match in the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow is 4 – 2 to Croatia. Croatia could not defend for the fierce attacking by France and lose their opportunity to get the trophy in the final. 

Everywhere is now discussing about the France player included the social media and bookies like Malaysia Sport Books. Kylian Mbappe, the France striker who are only 19 years old and he has already own the World Cup title. The football career is now moving slowly into the age for the younger generations, the old player like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Neymar JR has already being outdated slowly. People will now more focusing on the youngster like Kylian Mbappe that won the FIFA World Cup trophy recently. Although the seniors are the powerful and skilful players have been outdated, but they are still the football stars that are prefer by many of the people around the world. For example, recently Cristiano Ronaldo has been transfer to Juventus with the fees of £105 million per annual after he has been serving Real Madrid for 7 years. Due to the transfer, Juventus football jersey with no. 7 has been sold out for $60 million in only a short period of a day around the world. From this point, even the outdated old footballer is still very attractive for the football fans of them. 

Since the World Cup has been finished, then bettors can still place their bets for the other tournaments. For the next World Cup will be the next 4 years, there is no reason to stop blindly of your football bet in Malaysia Sport Books for 4 years. So, you can seek for the other tournament that are going to happen. You can place your bets for the Europa League Qualification in the website of TONY88 as it is happening now. Do not miss out any chances for you place your bets in the football tournament if you are a real fan. 

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