Belgium vs Tunisia : can we foresee the result on this match?

Roberto Martinez’s Belgium can be said as getting and secured their place in the last 16 of the World Cup this season when they finished the match which is playing against Tunisia on 23 June 2018 at 8p.m. The Red Devils’ player Romelu Lukaku get 2 goals in their last match against Panama for his team and get an outcome of 3 – 0 without even getting out their second gear, and this time they will be facing on Tunisia who slipped into a late defeat against England. Place you bets of this pair of team on the website of TONY88 as they provide the best sport betting platform, Singapore Sport Betting that you needed so much for the FIFA World Cup.

Based on the analytical data made by the Sport Betting experts from Singapore Sport Betting, Belgium will have a 59% of winning rate and Tunisia will be having a low percentage data which is only 16%. Both teams will have a draw in 25% out of 100. Their head to head matches from the past records, these 2 nations have met for 3 times, with a friendly win and draw with a result of 1 – 1 back into the World Cup in 2002. Although the times they met each other are not so frequently, but based on their strength and performance based on the entire team, Belgium is more towards the favourite of the bookies. 

From the Team News collected by Singapore Sport Betting, Belgium has successfully made a zero injury where they don’t need to worry about it in the preparations date and can more focusing on their training. In the other hand, Tunisia’s first pick goalkeeper Mouez Hassen is already out of the tournament after his shoulder injuries against England. So, Farouk Ben Mustaoha is well prepared to start in his absence and get ready for this coming match.

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