World Cup: Group G Tunisia vs England

England commence their offer for the World Cup glory with a Group G clash against Tunisia in Volgograd. This match will be happening on June 19 at 2a.m. England, who is a team that used to be very famous in the world in the past. Gareth Southgate’s Three Lions squad looks settled and in their form for this current summer’s Russia finals, yet the team must get down to business. With Belgium among the competition favourites and lying in wait in the final group game, England should get points on the board to guarantee a smooth begin to the competition. Every bettor will be very welcome to place your bets in Singapore Sport Betting as this is the worthiest moment for every 4 years.

Sport betting experts from Singapore Sport Betting had made some prediction among this pair, England will stand for 55% of the winning rate while Tunisia will only take 17% of it. They might have a 28% to score a draw for both teams. From these points, it is obvious that England is the favourite of this match and they might beat Tunisia easily this time. From the previous head to head records, England and Tunisia had met each other for 2 times only. Their very first meeting was back in the 1990 and it was a 1 – 1 draw, England is then beat The Eagles of Carthage with the score of 2 – 0 at the World Cup in 1998. Alan Shearer and Paul Scholes scored for the team to guarantee themselves to have a group win for the Three Lions. 

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