Real Gambling Experience – My disappointed match

SO KON PO, HONG KONG - JULY 30: Fernando Torres of Chelsea looks on during the Asia Trophy Final match against Aston Villa at the Hong Kong Stadium on July 30, 2011 in So Kon Po, Hong Kong. (Photo by Victor Fraile/Getty Images)


Chelsea is one of the famous team that focuses by the bettors in Malaysia Sportbooks. But, for me it is a past tense as I will be sharing my sad story about it with all of you in this article. First, let me introduce the platform that I usually use to place my bet. TONY88, this is the company name of the platform and you can login to their website to view more and get more information that you need.

This platform provides a lot of promotions and bonuses, especially the high percentage of welcome bonuses that help me a lot in my bets by boosting up my capital. In this platform, it is much safer than the local bookmakers and it provides the best customer services that I ever seen.

Now, back to the story. I was used to be a fan of the football team Chelsea. I will always bet for their win in Malaysia Sportbooks for all their matches. The reason why I like this team is because the team player Fernando Torres where his full name is Fernando José Torres Sanz. At that period, all his kick was amazing because no matter what angle and which way that he kicks the ball, the ball can still enter the goal. I like the best is the way he uses the back kick and he don’t even need to see the goal and the ball can still enter it.

One night in 2014, I was still betting on Chelsea as usual. That day I purposely watch the Live Match during midnight and I bet with a bigger amount in Malaysia SportbooksDuring that night, I am so confidence with that match that I will be going to win big as Chelsea is the favourite team. At first, Torres missed his kick at the first 10 minutes, and then he made a big mistake and caused his to get red card and force out of the field. After the end time, Chelsea couldn’t manage to score any goal and def neither defend their goal and caused me to lose my bets. I felt so disappointed on him on that day and even until now.

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