Pirlo decided to retire in December without considering coaching

No Pirlo No Party !!!!

Former AC Milan and Juventus midfielder Pirlo said in an interview, because of constant injuries, he has been very difficult to play as in the past, he will be the end of this year,38-year-old Pirlo career peak period has played the two great giants AC Milan and Juventus, for the two teams won numerous honors, and known as the Italian midfielder generation master. 2015, 35-year-old Pirlo decided to join the US Major League team New York City, but in the 2017 season, Pirlo suffered injuries, so far only played 15 games, less than half of last season, 33 games, And this is Pirlo decided to retire this season after the end of the US Major League league the most important reason.


“You will realize that the moment of retirement is coming every day and you will have physical problems every day, and you can not do it anymore because the body is always problematic,” Pirlo said in an interview with the Gazzetta dello Sport. Young players should get more playing opportunities as a 38 – year – old player, and it ‘s time for young people to get more chances. I’m not angry at all, on the contrary, I will help coaches and others.

“At my age, you have to say that it’s enough, at the age of 50, you can not be as strong as it used to be, and I will start doing other things.” But Pirlo admits that he does not know what he wants next What do you say: “I still do not know that I will fly back to Italy in December, I have some ideas, but I will give myself some time to decide.

Many Pirlo’s former teammates were retired after the coach, but the New York City midfield has admitted that he did not need the coach when the group “flame”: “not that you play well, you naturally Can be a good coach, you need to control everything on the pitch, but also have a wealth of knowledge, when the coach needs a flame, but I have not started this fire.

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Pirlo, who won the World Cup in Italy in 2006, also talked about the now blue shirt, because the team had to play in the playoffs at the home of the Friday morning tournament. Pirlo admits that if Italy does not miss the World Cup will be a disaster: “Unfortunately, it is quite bad, it is a full of confused game, if not qualify for the World Cup, it is definitely a disaster, but now there Playoff, hope to be able to solve all the problems. ”

“Italian football is now no problem, although we have two World Cup finals out when they are very ugly, but the same period two European Cup we have played well, if luck better, we will go to the final in the European Cup in France.

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