Good start in October for TOT United Futsal Club

TOT United Futsal Club have won 2 champion and 1 second place in October !!

The Best Futsal team in Malaysia have won 2 champion in October , Pertandingan Futsal Persahabatan Jabatan Start PDRM Tahun 2017 and Karnival Sukan Komuniti Selayang [SUKOMSEL 2017].And also won a second place in tournament Pertandingan Futsal Puncak Alam .


Rezeki for Tot United, once again on behalf of Malaysia again in May this year in Liverpool’s Chatered Standard Championship.

The Tot United team must go through a detour in qualifying. Those who qualify in Malaysia need to take the second qualifying match, they must match with the Brunei and Thai champions.

According to a member of Zharil Izad Ruslan, two teams from Brunei and Thailand have strong resistance. Their advantage lies in their size, not the Tot United team.

They beat the Thai team at the One Utama shopping center with a 1-0 network weak final. Their victory proved for the second time that they were one of the rising amateur teams.

Tot United can say that this year they often win some amateur championships well, but they have just won the World Soccer 5th Championship, when Malaysia will represent Dubai.

Wish you luck in the team of teams in Dubai and Liverpool.

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