Apple event 2020 as it happened: Apple Watch 6 and iPad Air 4, but no iPhone 12

Apple’s iPhone 12 event may have been delayed this year, but we’ve now heard all there is to hear about the new gadgets coming from Apple – we’ve got new Watches and iPads to talk about.

For those that want to info quickly – here’s the breakdown (you can find out more in the respective hubs or the live blog below):

  • The main talking point was the Apple Watch SE, a low-price version of the Watch that brings the higher-end features of the Watch range but at a slightly lower price of $279.
  • That’s alongside the new Apple Watch 6, which should have a longer-lasting battery thanks to the new S6 chipset inside – alongside a blood oxygen sensor, which can spot diseases by monitoring the level of O2 in your blood.
  • There’s a new iPad Air 4 (2020), which is taking the key elements of the iPad Pro and bringing them to a lower price point – plus using the new A14 Bionic chipset we expect to power the new iPhone 12.
  • And there’s also a new ‘new iPad’, the basic model in the range, which has received a few enhancements inside the 10.2-inch screen.
  • Intriguingly, we did get the vaunted Apple One subscription service, where you can bundle up your Apple services in one place and save some money – alongside that is Fitness+, which takes the metrics from your Apple Watch and puts them on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV screen and gives you real time feedback on what’s going on with your health right in front of your eyes.
  • The new range of software – from iOS 14 to iPadOS 14 to WatchOS 7 to tvOS 14 – are all being made available tomorrow, Wednesday September 15.
  • Intriguingly, we didn’t get the Apple AirTags – what’s going on with them? Surely they should have made an appearance by now? But… once again a no show.

You can see it all unfold below – this is the Apple event (without an iPhone 12) as it happened.

Apple WWDC 2020 live blog – as it happened

All times in Pacific Standard Time (PT)

11:03 – iPadOS 14 is coming, as well as WatchOS 7 (for that sleep app and handwashing capabilities). And don’t forget l’il old tvOS 14, which is also coming alongside.

That looks like it’s all done – thankfully not the full two hours, because I’m frankly getting exhausted. There’s been an absolute glut to get through.

I’m intrigued by the Apple Watch 6 – will it really have the extended battery life you’d assume it would, given the sleep tracking on board? We’ll see.

11:02 – Back to Tim again – here we go. iOS 14 is coming tomorrow.

11:00 – The new iPad Air feels like a fusion between the ‘basic’ new iPad at the bottom of the range and the iPad Pro – more power, but not an extreme amount. Still pro, but not Pro, if you know what I mean.

That makes sense given the price – it’ll start at $599, and will be coming next month (so that must be something to do with the chipset, right? Lining up with the iPhone 12, perhaps?)

Also, this iPad also comes with a 100% recycled aluminum enclosure as well as recycled tin in the solder too. Apple is making a big deal of being so environmentally friendly today.

10:58 – As predicted by a number of leakers, the iPad Air 2020 is going to use USB-C, which does indeed make it more like a laptop. There’s a 12MP camera on the back – single lens – with an f/1.8 aperture on there too.

The speakers are going to be going into stereo mode – one on each end, rather than the four chambers on the iPad Pro.

There’s a 10 hour battery life, and it’s coming with the Magic Keyboard too – arguably the best accessory ever to land on an iPad (it’s miles better than the normal smart keyboard).

10:54 – There’s a host of improvements that this new chipset is bringing for the iPad Air, and developers have already been getting their hands on it.

First up – one of my favorites: DJ Pro. You can scratch and control the vinyl without touching the display (not sure that you’d want to do that – but then again, it’s not like you’re touching an actual record).

Pixelmator is up next, and it’s going to use the Neural Engine that will allow you to zoom into the display and enhance as you do, and works out how it should be sharper.

10:53 – It’s going to be 40% faster than the previous iPad Air – and once again, Apple is comparing it to an HP laptop. Whether an iPad does rival a laptop is still up for debate, but Apple is going all-in on how much more powerful its tablet are than comparable tablets.

10:52 – It’s a 5nm process, which means a large increase in efficiency and more performance in ‘nearly every aspect of the chip’. This could really improve the iPhone battery life if / when it lands in the new model.

10:51 – It’s as simple as touching the button to login, using a crystal enclosure to be able to see what’s inside.

It’s going to get a new chipset too – the one for the iPhone 12? It’s the new A14 Bionic… surely we’re getting a preview here.

I wonder if that should have already been launched in the new iPhone – you know, the one that’s been delayed.

10:48 – Now we’re getting to the meat of it – it’s the iPad Air, and it’s being completely redesigned, according to Tim Cook.

It’s got an all-new look – five colors, including blue, rose gold, green and the standard colors we’re used to.

There’s a 2360 x 1640 resolution display, the True Tone technology from other devices – but wait, what’s this on TouchID? It’s going to be in the power button.

That’s been rumored for the iPhone for years and years – wonder if it’ll come to the ‘cheaper’ iPhone 12.

10:45 – We’re seeing what we already know about iPadOS, but the new tablet will use the A12 Bionic chipset from the iPhone XS. It’s got a 10.2-inch Retina Display, and will start at $399, or $299 for educators.

It’s going to be available for pre-order from today, and you can get your hands on it from Friday September 18 (just like the Apple Watch 6). 

10:44 – We’re talking about the new iPad – 8th generation. It’ll support the Apple Pencil, and combined with iPadOS 14 too.

10:41 – We’ve moved onto iPad now. Tim Cook is speaking us through what the latest iPad stats are like, and how more people than ever… oh wait, here’s a brand new tablet. Let’s jump into it!

10:38 – There you have it – Apple One is official. iCloud, Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, Apple News+ and Apple Fitness+ is now all under one banner in one subscription service.

An individual subscription is $14.95 a month, while a family subscription will be $19.95.

10:36 – There will be intelligent selections defined for each person, with 10 workout types, 

10:34  – There’s Yoga, strength, rowing, HIIT workouts, mindful cooldowns and more – most require no equipment or just some dumbbells.

This is an interesting one – if only Apple had launched some trainers as well with sensors in them at the same time. I remember that from Nike years ago, and I still miss it.

There will be fresh new workouts each week from a range of instructors, and a range of music styles to choose from as well – if you’re a Music subscriber, you can save the playlist too, if you want to remember when you felt like vomiting from effort.

10:32 – This is with well-known trainers, and it’s called Fitness+. It’s a service for Apple Watch to ‘get fit and stay fit’. It’s powered by the Apple Watch and it gives you workout metrics from the wrist.

That data is designed to keep you motivated – and with Fitness+ you choose the workout you want from the catalog of videos and it starts the workout right on your watch, and shows the metrics from the Watch to the screen you’re watching on.

When the trainer tells you to check your heart rate, the heart rate automatically becomes larger. A timer will show how long left in an interval – and your rings being closed in the workout, it’ll show right on screen too.

That’s all part of a summary on the iPhone / iPad and presumable Apple TV too.

10:30 – Apple is now talking about something to help us be a little more active – is this the new health platform we’ve heard so much about?

Yep – Apple is delivering workouts built around Apple Watch, with dedicated offerings with music and metrics on screen.

10:28 – You can pick up the Apple Watch beginning on Friday, September 18, and order them from today.

10:26 – Apple is now talking up the environmental benefits of the Apple Watch, with 100& recycled aluminum in the case, and 100% recycled rare earth elements in the taptic engine.

Here we are about the lack of an adaptor – wait, there’s no USB power adaptor for the Apple Watch? That’s a big move – people have a lot more Lightning cables lying around than they do Watch chargers.

Apple should be bringing a discount for those that choose to not go for a Watch 6 with a power adaptor.

10:23 – Oh s**t – Apple Watch SE is here. I did not think that this was going to be called that.

It’s going to have the S5 chip from the Apple Watch 5, and with cellular models, you’ll be able to use it with Family mode.

It’s got the same sensors in terms of GPS, altimeter and accessibility – it’s starting at $279, and is twice as fast as the Series 3, which is still $199.

The Apple Watch 6 will cost from $399 for the smaller version.

Apple Event 2020
(Image credit: Apple)

10:20 – Oh, that’s it for Apple Watch 6? Deirdre Caldbeck, director of Apple Watch, is telling us that families can all have their own Apple Watch, even if they don’t have an iPhone too.

It allows kids or older generations to use a device that can monitor where they are, or if they’ve got an issue with their health – and for kids, who they can contact too.

Kids can track movement in a way that works best for them, and create a Memoji for them right from the Watch.

There’s even School Mode, to keep kids from being distracted – and has a specific face so teachers can see you’re not being naughty.

It’s coming to a range of countries – including UK, US and China.

10:19 – The straps are being changed – the Solo Loop is in the mix now too. It’s got no buckle, and it’s just a slip over the wrist job. It comes in a range of sizes. There’s a rubberized version (silicone) and a braided version too. There’s an update for Apple Watch Nike and new Watch Face too.

Apple Event 2020
(Image credit: Apple)

10:16 – The Watch faces are up next – taking them ‘further’, according to AWJ (Apple Watch Jeff). 

It’s a ‘deep respect for the history of timekeeping’ – the GMT face will show the timezone wherever you are, there’s a way to track laptimes, and a chronograph mode like in other fancy watches.

There’s a Memoji face that will move and react to your touch, and a simple stripe face allows you to customize to the way you want.

Developers are being allowed to customize their own options for their apps – photography to track the sunset, or better options for surfers too.

Apple Event 2020
(Image credit: Apple)

10:15 – There’s an ‘energy efficient design’ of the new S6 chipset inside – meaning it’s 2.5x more bright when outside, as well as an altimeter to see how high you’re getting.

When hiking, obviously. What did you think I meant?

10:13 – This is a new tool for overall well-being, and there are three new health research studies coming to the Apple Watch, also checking out how it relates to heart failure too.

This is going to be the key thing – putting Blood SpO2 on the wrist of more people. This has been a feature of many, many sport watches in the past – Garmin has been working on it for a long time, for instance – but it’s about making it more usable.

Also, it does also eat battery in other  devices – be interesting to see what Apple will do about that.

10:12 – As predicted, it’s the blood oxygen level monitor. Shining red and infra-red light, it’ll work out the color of your blood, and you can measure in just 15 seconds.

Series 6 can also record background measurements, which means at night it can spot if you have sleep apnea.

10:11 – A very glamorous video playing now – but it’s a Watch that looks very similar. The Apple Watch Series 6 is here, and it’s ‘the most colorful lineup ever’. Blue, gold, graphite and a (PRODUCT) Red version as well.

There’s also a new health sensor too – here’s what’s in it.

Apple Event 2020
(Image credit: Apple)

10:10 – VO2 Max, a useful feature is coming further down the line, with warnings if it’s droppin… wait, screw that. Here comes the new Apple Watch.

10:09 – Apple Watch chief Jeff Williams is now on camera (we just flew across the Apple Campus in a few seconds… couldn’t do that in real life without incurring a huge bill).

10:08 – Singapore is going start offering people incentives soon to get people to be more active.

10:06 – An athlete who can connect to an insulin pack on the side of their body, and can see their glucose levels with a look on the wrist. I’ve got family members who use tech to do the same thing – we need more diabetes-monitoring tech in our devices – here’s hoping Apple talks more about that today.Advertisement

Apple Event 2020
(Image credit: Apple)

10:05 – Once again, talking about how the Apple Watch has saved lives. How the heart rate alerts have noticed people aren’t in the best shape, and how that’s allowed them to get to the hospital in time. Or the blind, using the accessibility features to make things easier day-to-day.

10:04 – Now Cook is talking about the impact we’ve all been subjected to by Covid. And we’re going to be talking about ‘only’ the Apple Watch and the iPad.

Talking more about how the Apple Watch was just about time, but now it can do so much more. Messages, news, health, schedules, being fit, tracking movement, opening the door and turn on the lights and when going to bed, Apple Watch can stream his favorite music.

When does he charge it?

10:03 – Tim just confirmed new devices are coming. Shock. 

10:02 – Here we go. We’re starting with a video – spinning into the Apple logo. Multi-colored magic and shapes and spiralling and OH NO WE’RE BEING HYPNOTIZED.

Oh, it went into a heart, then a rainbow then to a drone video of the Apple Campus. That was quite nice, actually. And here’s CEO Tim Cook.

09:58 – The Apple logo is animating, and music is playing. I’ve done enough of these events to know that means something is happening.

09:55 – Oh man, the TechRadar live stream was already embedded in the previous tweet. It’s now like I’m actively encouraging you to leave.

09:54 – I’m contractually obliged to remind people that there’s a TechRadar reacts live stream alongside the actual live stream of the Apple Event tonight – but please don’t click it. Stay here with me, I’ll be so lonely otherwise.

09:50 – Right, we’re 10 minutes away from lift off. I’m easing back on the Pepsi as I won’t have time to visit the toilet.

09:48 – Remember that time Tim Cook was reported to have said he showered with his Apple Watch on (back when it wasn’t so water resistant)? I think about that nearly every time I live blog an Apple event. 

09:42 – I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it now: why on earth hasn’t Apple brought out AirTags already? 

Imagine a system where you lose your bag, but every time anyone with an iPad, iPhone or even an Apple Watch (maybe) goes past it, it would send a message to the AirTags network and let you know ‘hey, you left it in your car, doofus’.

Yes, Tile is doing the same thing, but people need the app for that – this would open up a hugely addressable market.

09:37 – NEWS JUST IN: Analysts are predicting that Apple bringing out a cheaper Apple Watch, the much-vaunted Apple Watch SE, will help the brand maintain a stranglehold on the wearables market:

“Rupantar Guha, Associate Project Manager for Thematic Research at GlobalData, said: “Apple had a 60% share of smartwatch revenues in 2019, according to GlobalData estimates. 

“However, smartwatch revenues are expected to decline by 10% in 2020 as the global recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic hits consumer spending. 

“The cheaper Watch model will help Apple broaden its customer base and maintain its grip on a market that GlobalData expects to be worth $64bn by 2030.”

In other NEWS JUST IN: I’m already onto my second glass of Pepsi Max.

09:36 – Fun fact for Gareth-fans out there: I’ve been trying to have ice cold showers of late as I’ve heard they’re good for you. They’ve been consistently colder than this Pepsi Max.

09:32 – Hello! It’s me, Gareth, that man that James Peckham just so kindly promoted below. Usually I’d be in the Steve Jobs Theater right now, wondering if I’ve got the speediest route to the hands on area – but today, I’m about to pour my first glass of sort-of cold Pepsi Max. Hang on a tick while I do that…Advertisement

09:24 – Why does the latest rumor say that the iPhone 12 range won’t have any phones with 120Hz screens? Maybe it’s down to battery life.

Right, I’m signing off now – you’ve got Gareth Beavis, TechRadar’s Global Editor in Chief and all-round lovely chap taking over now. He’s going to be hilariously entertaining for the next two-and-a-half hours.

09:15 – How does TechRadar cover these big events? Well, obviously things are a little different in 2020 to normal years. Often we’ll have teams in our offices covering the event as well as people at the actual Apple campus itself covering but this year we’re all doing it from home.

Here’s TechRadar Deputy Editor John McCann’s set up for this evening:

09:07 – So Apple has managed to convince Twitter to change the animation when you like a tweet with #AppleEvent in it. That’s the first time we’ve seen Twitter change that, and it’s a similar effect to what the invite for this event showed.

You can try it on the tweet below, and you’ll see the new animation. What does the animation mean? We honestly don’t know yet, but maybe we’ll find out soon.

08:50 – Will we be getting audio related products today? That’s a good question, and TechRadar’s Audio and Music Editor, Olivia Tambini, has broken down what we currently expect to see.

Tambini says, “There are lots of rumored audio products that Apple is said to be working on now, including its first over-ear headphones the Apple AirPods Studio, the AirPods 3, and a cheaper version of the AirPods Pro known as the AirPods Pro Lite. 

“There are even rumors of the Apple HomePod 2, a smaller, smarter version of the brand’s smart speaker. When you consider just how popular the AirPods have become – they’re easily the most ubiquitous true wireless earbuds on the planet – any new headphones from Apple are sure to be a game-changer for the audio world. 

“Unfortunately, a few reputable tech analysts have said that the AirPods Studio or any over audio hardware won’t be shown today – and we aren’t expecting new wireless earbuds until early 2021, based on predictions from Ming-Chi Kuo, who’s often right about these things. 

“We’re still hopeful however – and it may not be a complete wash out for audiophiles. We’ve heard mounting rumors that a new all-in-one Apple subscription service could be announced today. Known as Apple One, it’s said to combine services like Apple Music and Apple TV Plus into discounted bundles – and Apple Music users in particular may be in for a new announcement today.”

08:02 – The Apple Store is down, as per usual with these sort of events. The company closes down its online store for a couple of hours so it can prepare to list the new products without spoiling what’s in store.

Here’s what it looks like right now:

07:14 – It’s very unlikely we’ll be seeing the iPhone 12 today, but TechRadar’s Phones Writer Tom Bedford has found some listings for some remarkably similarly named products already up for sale. 

Please do not buy these thinking they’re phones made by Apple.

06:54 – Cook is awake, and we totally missed his early morning tweet. Even though today is different to previous Apple events, he was still up early ready to send out that morning message.

This has led to speculation in the TechRadar team of what Cook does with those six spare hours? Does he go over his script? Does he try to relax? 

Some have even suggested he plays a quick game of Apex Legends to calm his nerves. If that’s true, we’re pretty certain Cook is a Pathfinder main.

06:15 – Will there be Apple TV related announcements today? TechRadar’s Home Cinema Editor, Henry St Leger, says “I’m not expecting all the rumors around this event to be true, but something on the TV side seems likely. We’ve been hearing about a new iteration of the Apple TV hardware for months now, and it would be perfect timing to launch it alongside tvOS 14, which will likely be leaving public for a full release sometime this month. 

“I don’t expect much to happen with Apple TV Plus, either – as much as I want the interface overhauled – but being able to access it through an umbrella Apple One subscription with other Apple services would probably do much to reignite interest in it.”Advertisement

04:02 – Apple TV Plus is almost a year old, so will we be hearing about new TV shows at the Apple event? Maybe getting some insight into the company’s next foray into film?

TechRadar’s Senior Entertainment Editor, Samuel Roberts, says: “‘With Apple TV Plus, a steady stream of new, high-profile originals have kept subscribers busy with content during a fairly tepid year for entertainment options. Bold moves like acquiring the Tom Hanks movie Greyhound, or bankrolling Martin Scorsese’s next movie Killers of the Flower Moon, show that Apple is serious about being a contender in entertainment. 

“My expectation is that like the reveal of Foundation on Apple TV Plus earlier this year, you’ll catch a first look at another major series in the works, or see the announcement of another big acquisition. Something like that will make a splash alongside the reveal of Apple One. 

“Apple TV Plus arguably still lacks an original show like The Mandalorian that’ll get the service attention from those outside of the company’s tech ecosystem – that’s what the service will need to truly take off.”

03:30 – So, what should we expect from the Apple Watch 6? The most trusted rumors suggest the company won’t be updating the design of its smartwatch extensively, and that we’ll be seeing a similar looking device to the Apple Watch 6.

Instead the improvements are likely to be internal, with some suggesting the new Watch may be getting a larger battery to ensure better sleep tracking, plus new fitness features.

TechRadar’s Fitness and Wellbeing Editor, Catherine Ellis, says: “The Apple Watch 6 might be first to feature SpO2 tracking, allowing you to see changes in your blood oxygen saturation overnight that can indicate problems like sleep apnea. 

“It’s a feature that’s become common on even inexpensive fitness trackers, and seems like a natural addition for a device that already has heart rate monitoring and an ECG.”

01:52 – Oh, and we almost forgot… there’s a rumor that Apple One will be launched today. This is a subscription service that’s been rumored for a while now, which will supposedly bundle Apple Music, Apple Arcade, Apple TV Plus, Apple News Plus and other software into one package, and therefore one price.

01:45 – So, exactly what are we going to see today? That’s the big question, and it’s a little uncertain at the moment, but the leaks tend to point towards the below. Think something is missing from the list? That likely means it won’t be getting announced today, and we’ll talk you through those things in a new update coming soon.

  • Apple Watch 6  This is expected to be the big highlight of today’s event, as the company looks to expand its smartwatch portfolio further, and improve one of the world’s best smartwatches.
  • Apple Watch SEWait, what’s that? Rumors have suggested that Apple is working on a cheaper Apple Watch that has a similar design to the Series 4, and which will launch alongside the Apple Watch 6.
  • iPad Air 4  The iPad Air is back again, and the latest rumors suggest it’ll be dropping the home button for a more iPad Pro-like design. Is that going to happen? You’ll have to tune in later to find out.
  • New iPad  This hasn’t been rumored much, but some sources are claiming we may see an updated iPad model in the mix today. If so, that may mean new features coming to the more affordable slate.
  • Apple AirTags  It may finally be happening – these Tile-like location trackers are designed to help you keep an eye on things like your keys or purse, and some rumors suggest they’re finally launching today.
  • iOS 14 / iPadOS 14 / watchOS 7 / macOS 10.16  Apple often uses its iPhone event at the start of September to announce the exact release dates for its upcoming software.

01:35 – Welcome to our Apple event 2020 live blog – this is where you’ll find all the latest news and rumors in the build-up to Apple’s new product launch, as well as our coverage of the event itself.

It’s a little early to be talking about the new products, so we’ll be talking you through the information that we know so far, as well as any leaks or news that breaks throughout the day.

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