Take a Digital Trip to ‘Asia’s World City’ With the Virtual Hong Kong Wine and Dine Festival


In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, lots of major events and festivals have gone online to help people stay safe and stop the spread of the virus. And this year, a major event that celebrates the food and culture of Hong Kong will do the same.

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) announced that its annual Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival will take place online for the first time, which means that many more people can take part in the festivities without even leaving home. The normally four-day event will be expanded to cover several weeks in November, with Hong Kong’s leading chefs, restaurateurs, and industry leaders teaching virtual workshops and classes.

This decision was made in light of changing health and safety protocols related to the pandemic. With the festival taking place online, attendees can freely engage with the event’s many offerings, without worrying about social distancing, wearing masks, or using hand sanitizer by the gallon.

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“The virtual Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival will strive to recreate the festive, joie de vivre atmosphere the event is famous for, by offering access to exclusive wine and gourmet experiences curated by experts on the subject,” said HKTB Chairman Dr. YK Pang in a statement. “Taking advantage of the virtual format, the event will be extended from the usual four days to several weeks so that more people can take part regardless of time and geographical constraints.”

The HKTB is building an online hub where most of the event’s programs will happen. Specific workshops have not yet been announced, but they will likely include wine and food critics, chefs and wine experts and cover topics like wine-pairing and other culinary-focused classes. Attendees can also take advantage of shopping discounts for products related to the festival.

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