Germany Bundesliga- 16 Sep 02:30am Hannover 96 vs Hamburger SV (Football tips)


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Team information:

Hannover 96

  • Finally Hannover96 is promoted back to Germany Bundesliga, they really impress the fans and get 3 win match in a row and 1 draw game so far in this season, they are still not defeated by another team.
  • The injured player who couldn’t play in this match is captain Edgar Prib and the defensive midfielder Noah Joel Sarenren Bazee, this won’t effect the performance of the team because there is enough substitute to replace their position.

Hamburger SV

  • Hamburger had signed few player at transfer market in summer time to make their bench become better. They did play well and get 2 win and 1 lose game so far, but the club is out of luck because there is 3 midfielder had suffered injured during the match against the opponent in past few games.
  • The midfielder Nicolai Müller, Aaron Hunt and Filip Kostić this 3 first team squad player is going to missed this match due to injury problem. This may cause the team hard to create chances to score a goal.
  • Besides, the defender Rick van Drongelen and Bjarne Thoelke had suffered in injury as well and they couldn’t represent the club to play in this game.

Team analysis:

Hannover 96 this season back to Germany Bundesliga and perform outstanding and impress the fans out there, they get 3 winning match in a row and 1 draw games so far in this season. For Hamburger SV doing good as well, although they just get 2 win and 1 lose game, but their form also consider good. Both team level and quality almost the same, if compare with past year history result, Hannover 96 is slightly higher chance to win in this game. This game Hannover 96 is giving 0-0.5 balls away to Hamburger SV. In my opinion, i will support the home team to win in this match because i still believe that Hannover 96 will continue their good form and Hamburger SV couldn’t stop them to win, and the previous results show that Hannover 96 have advance to win in this game. So, i suspect Hannover 96 could steal the show.

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Take Hannover 96 – 0-0.5 (5 Star)

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