Everything To Know About The Breathtaking Bolivian Salt Flats In Case You’re Asked About It On A Date

If you, like the rest of us have binged on Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking, then we’re sure the term ‘Bolivian Salt Flats’ will would hit a chord.

Well, the headstrong Aparna from the show mentioned how her future husband must be keen to visit the Bolivian salt flats during the rainy season.

Since then, we are totally obsessed about these Bolivian Salt Flats.

What is Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia AKA Bolivia Salt Flats? 

Now Bolivian Salt Flats also known as Salar de Uyuni is one of the most famous tourist sites in Bolivia and is the world’s largest salt flat.

It is located in the Daniel Campos province of Bolivia which stretches for more than 4,050 square miles. It’s formed when several prehistoric lakes went dry 25,000 to 10,000 years ago, leaving behind a desertlike, nearly 11,000-sq.-km. landscape of bright-white salt, rock formations and cacti-studded islands.

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Questo candido pattern geometrico è quasi ipnotizzante: si tratta della grandissima distesa di sale del Salar de Uyuni, un luogo davvero magico nella caliente e incontaminata Bolivia. Ai piedi delle Ande, questo vero e proprio deserto di sale si è creato “grazie” al prosciugamento di un antichissimo lago – ed è il caso di ringraziare Madre Natura per questo perché è uno degli scenari più unici e suggestivi al mondo! Sembra quasi di camminare sulla Luna attraversando il suo paesaggio surreale, popolato solo da una colonia di eleganti fenicotteri rosa e da alcuni cactus giganti sulla vicina Isola di Incahuasi – da cui godere di una vista panoramica a 360° del Salar. Chi l’avrebbe mai detto che la più grande distesa di sale al mondo è anche uno dei luoghi più incredibili ed affascinanti dove riscoprire il piacere dei silenzi immersi nella natura? #AMAKA #yourownway #bolivia #salardeuyuni #uyuni . . . #boliviasaltflats #discoverbolivia #boliviatravel #boliviatrip #visitbolivia #salardeuyunibolivia #salardeuyunitour #amazingplaces #amazingview #naturetravel #naturetrip #naturephotography #nature #traveltheworld #travel #travelgram #travellingthroughtheworld #travelling #travellingtheworld #viagginelmondo #viaggiare #viaggio #viaggiando #viaggiarechepassione #viaggiaresempre

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When is the best time to visit Salar De Uyuni? 

Now Salar de Uyuni’s is all about its breathtaking mirror effect. And turns out, Aparna was right. The best time to visit this place is during the wet season i.e. between December to April.

When it is not exactly raining you will get to see the wide terrain with beautiful, intricate dry salt shapes and an amazing reflection on the surface.

Is there any wildlife on these Salt Flats? 

Yes there is! These flats are popular for breeding pink Flamingos and breeds over three different flamingo species: the Andean, Chilean and rare James’s flamingo. The best time to see them is during November when thousands of them come to hatch and rear their chicks.

Other than Flamingos, one can also notice vizcachas, a type of chinchilla and The Andean fox.

How to reach Salar de Uyuni? 

The best place to start your trip for the salt flats is from the small town of Uyuni in Bolivia. One can easily take day trips from there. If you’re traveling from La Paz to Uyuni, you can take a one-hour flight or an eight-hour overnight bus.

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Looks like an endless mirror: Salar De Uyuni in Bolivia is one of the most unusual places in South America and the world’s largest salt flat 😍 ⠀ The season between April and November is when the salt flat is dry and looks like a landscape of another planet. But If you want to see this mirror effect it’s better to come between December and April. It’s a rainy season in South America these months so the whole lake turns into a giant mirror 💧 ⠀ Photographers and photo enthusiasts love this place. You can let your imagination flow and take some unusual pictures for your friends and family or social media 📸 ⠀ 📌 Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia #mapsme #bolivia🇧🇴 #boliviasaltflats #boliviatravel #bolivian

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So well, thanks to Aparna, now our wanderlust heart is too excited to visit this place.

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