Seiko’s SNR045J1 Is the Hulk-Sub Alternative You’ve Been Looking For


Seiko’s Prospex LX Line of watches has just released info on a new limited-edition dive watch. The SNR045J1 was inspired by the large moss pillars found by Japanese researches stationed at the Showa Station in Antarctica. Just 55 kilometers away from the station, researchers stumbled upon Skarvsnes Foreland and the number of natural formations covering the bottom of the lake. These underwater forests were given the name “kokebozu,” a Japanese word that combines “koke” (moss) with “bouzu” (young boy).

The green hues make it onto the watch’s bezel and textured dial where the watch sits at a hefty 44.8 ㎜ on the wrist. The Hi-Beat watch is powered by Seiko‘s 5R65 Spring Drive caliber movement that packs 72 hours of power reserve with a date and power reserve fuction. Solidifying this as a dive watch, the SNR045J1 is good up to 300 meters, sees a robust cermet bezel, and a bracelet with a push-button diver-adjusted mechanism.

Limited to just 500 pieces, the watch will come numbered with a certificate. Those interested can expect to pay $6,000 USD for this timepiece over at Seiko’s website.

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