Marina Orlova (actress)


Marina Orlova (Russian: Марина Викторовна Орлова; born 25 March 1986) is an award-winning Russian actress who has starred in 40 major movies and TV shows in Moscow, Beijing and Rome. In the Russian speaking world she is known as the Russian Marilyn Monroe. She is in the top 10 most famous and recognized Russian young actresses. Marina currently resides in Los Angeles and is pursuing her career in Hollywood.


Her debut took place in 1995 at the Theater of Musical Comedy. While still a student of Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute she was noticed by a film director Tatyana Voronetskaya and was invited to star in the historical melodrama “The Model”. Which participated in the competition program of the 18th Film Festival Kinotavr.

The following year, she was invited to play a starring role of Svetlana in the film “Blockhead” (Ohlamon) where you can hear her singing. The actress became popular in 2008 after the release of a family saga “Dear people” on the TV channel Russia 1, in which she starred as Olga. The show was extended for another 200 episodes.

Marina was also noticed by a maitre Stanislav Govorukhin, who at that time was already in the process of filming the movie “The Passenger”, but has added the role of Nina Markovna specifically for Orlova. The film won the main prize “Big Golden Bark” at the festival “Window to Europe” in Vyborg and other awards. Subsequently Orlova starred in several other Govorukhin’s films, including the detective film «Weekend», where you can again appreciate the singing of the actress.

Since 2009 Marina was invited to be filmed abroad. Chinese director Yu Xiao Gan offers Marina Orlova, a main role in the film “The Last Secrets of the Master”(猎人笔记之谜). Also one of the musical themes of the film was written by Orlova. This role makes her popular in Asian countries.

In 2014 Orlova gets the main role in Hollywood film “White crows”. She stars with Eric Roberts in the film about Frank Sinatra “Frank and Ava”. After this role Marina becomes a member of Hollywood actors guild SAG-Aftra. However, Marina does not forget Europe and Asia. She stars in films, plays at the theater, works as a model with Russian and Italian designers, as well as participates in concerts with her songs. Most striking was her performance on the stage of the Grand Kremlin Palace with the Caruso song accompanied by an orchestra of Naples and Italian singer Renzo Arbore. As well as a tour in Russia with her songs.

During her film career Marina Orlova has already played about 40 roles in films, has written about 80 songs, some of which can be heard in the movies where she starred, she is also a producer of two films, and script writer of one.

Italian short film in English, “Hello! I’m the producer of Woody Allen” is entirely produced by Orlova, in which she worked as a script writer, producer, composer and actress. The world premiere took place on the 69 Cannes Film Festival, later her film became a member of the competition program of 38 Moscow International Film Festival. The film was recognized as the best short Italian film and won the Grand Prix, Leonardo da Vinci Gold Horse, at the International Film Festival in Milan.

In addition to film and music works, Marina Orlova is known as a TV and radio host of several programs. She was a host of a cognitive telecast “I want to know ” on the First Channel. She hosted authorial program “Lifestyle” at the radio station Megapolis FM. And hosted a program of extreme sports on the Discovery Channel

Marina Orlova, a Russian voice of the Quirinal Palace in Rome.

Marina is also a face of the French charity fund of social and cultural development Club De Chance.

She was appointed a Goodwill Ambassador for the Italian charity organization “Maria Diomira”, with the support of the Vatican, in a program to help children in Kenya and the construction of the school of arts.

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