Where can Americans and U.S. passport holders travel right now? Here’s a full list of countries that have reopened their borders for American tourists.

American travelers are eagerly wondering what countries and cities they can travel to right now, should they choose to!

The good news? As many countries start to relax restrictions and reopen borders, many are now accepting tourists from the United States.

The bad news? Since the United States has been the hardest hit nation, some countries are flat out saying “No!” to American visitors, even though their borders are now re-open to other countries.

We’ve compiled all the details of where Americans can currently travel domestically and internationally. As rules continuously change, destinations may suddenly reopen or close to American tourists without notice, so readers need to check with local authorities before booking a trip to ensure entry.

Please note: The government of the United States has a level-4 “Do Not Travel” advisory currently in place. Travel Off Path does not endorse travelling against any advisories set by the government. Your decision to travel is your own.

Before we get to the list of countries, let’s clear the air about something else:

Are Americans Allowed To Travel Right Now?

Yes. Even though the U.S. government has a level-4 “Avoid All Travel” advisory in place, American’s are still permitted to leave the country as they wish. However, upon returning to the U.S. some travelers may face a 14-day quarantine, based on the state. Some states have no quarantine requirements.

countries now open for american tourists

Where Can Americans Travel Internationally Right Now?

Here is the full list of countries currently open to receiving U.S. tourists. (We are only covering countries that do NOT require a quarantine period.)


Mexico is now open for U.S. passport holders!
 In fact, it was one of the only countries that never actually really closed its borders to Americans in the first place.

No tests needed.

As of June, many tourist cities like Cancun, Playa Del Carmen, Tulum, Cabo, and Puerto Vallarta have reopened their hotels and are ready to welcome American guests.

Flights by American Airlines, Spirit, Sun Country, United and JetBlue have resumed from many American cities.

St. Barths

st.barths reopening tourism on june 22

St.Barths officially reopened its borders for tourism on June 22, 2020 and is allowing American tourists to visit!

Saint Barthelemy, or St. Barths as it’s commonly called, is a beautiful French-speaking Caribbean island known for its white-sand beaches, luxurious hotels, duty-free shopping and stunning views.

American’s only need to bring a negative PCR test with them to be admitted. Flights to St. Barths happen directly from San Juan.


Tourists shold protect themselves from Mosquito bites even in resorts

Jamaica reopened for American tourists on June 15th!

Jamaica is requiring all American’s visiting to first fill out an online Travel Authorization Card before they fly and they will be testing arrivals at the airport.

American Airlines resumed flights from Miami starting June 24th, Jetblue from New York starting June 25th, and Delta from Atlanta starting June 23rd.

US Virgin Islands

U.S. Virgin Islands Have Reopened For International Tourism

On June 1, 2020 the US Virgin Islands (think St. Croix and St. Thomas) have reopened for tourism. American’s don’t even need a passport to go!

U.S. citizens can fly to the USVI’s directly from Atlanta, Miami, New York, Houston, Charlotte or Fort Lauderdale.

The best part is, tourists don’t have mandatory testing on arrival, bringing a negative covid test, or have a quarantine period. As long as you have no elevated temperature and no symptoms, you can easily enter!


Tunisia Reopening Borders To Tourists Starting June 27

Tunisia is permitting U.S. passport holders to visit as of June 27, 2020.

This resort destination in Northern Africa usually attracts tourists from the UK, but since Forbes recently listed Tunisia as one of 7 top tourist destinations in a post-covid world, Americans are wanting to give it a try!

In order for U.S. citizens to be granted entry, they need to bring a negative covid test within 72 hours of boarding.

French Polynesia (Tahiti & Bora Bora)

Tahiti is open for tourism July 15


French Polynesia (think Bora Bora, Mo’orea and Tahiti) will reopen for American tourists on July 15, 2020.

U.S citizens must bring a negative covid PCR test before boarding the flight and they will be tested again on arrival.

San Francisco and Los Angeles both fly directly to Tahiti and Bora Bora in 8 hours. (On airlines United, FrenchBee, Air Tahiti and Air France)

UAE (Dubai)

dubai open on july 7 for tourism

Dubai, UAE is officially reopening its borders for U.S. tourists on July 7, 2020.

American’s need to: register their ‘health declaration’ on an app before their trip, bring a negative PCR test within 96 hours of boarding, and have health insurance to be able to enter.

Emirates is flying directly to Dubai from Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Washington starting in July.


bermuda reopening to tourists

Bermuda is officially reopening for American tourists on July 1st.

To be able to head down for a vacation, Americans will need to bring a negative covid PCR test no older than 72 hours before boarding AND take another test upon arrival.

Direct flights take just over 2 hours from many US cities! From Atlanta on Delta is 2.45 hrs starting in July, while JetBlue flies from Boston and New York in 2.15 hrs starting in August.


bahamas resort beach

The Bahamas are reopening for U.S. tourists on July 1st, 2020.

No tests are required, but American travellers are asked to fill out an online health declaration before they fly and undergo a temperature screening upon arrival.

There are tons of direct flights to the Bahamas from all over the US. Flying from Miami just takes 50 minutes! Other direct flights can be found from New York, Houston, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, Charlotte, and Orlando.


tanzania opens borders

Tanzania reopened to American tourists at the start of June.

Fancy a safari? Or how about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro? Maybe just laying on the white sandy beaches of Zanzibar? The African nation of Tanzania will allow tourists to come and do all of the above.

Note: There are no direct flights from the USA to Tanzania.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Reopening To Tourists July 1st

On July 1st, U.S. tourists can travel to the Dominican Republic. 

At this time no requirement for tests has been announced.

Miami, Atlanta, New York, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Boston, Charlotte, and Miami all show direct flights in July and August and will increase throughout the year.


Aruba Officially Reopening Borders For Tourism

Aruba is reopening to American tourists on July 1st.

U.S. citizens will have to fill out an online health declaration form and upload a negative covid PCR test 72 hours before boarding. This way, no test needs to be done upon arrival.

Some great direct flights from the US to Aruba include: from New York on United and JetBlue, from Atlanta on Delta, and from Miami on American.

Saint Lucia

saint lucia resort

The beautiful island nation of Saint Lucia reopened for US travellers on June 4th.

Americans are required to bring a negative covid test, taken no longer than 48 hours before departure in order to board their flight to Saint Lucia.

Direct Flights: from Atlanta on Delta, from Miami on American, and from New York on United and JetBlue.

Antigua and Barbuda

barbuda and antigua bay

Antigua and Barbuda reopened to Americans on June 4, 2020.

Upon arrival, American tourists will have to take a covid test at the cost of $100 USD.

Direct flights have already started from Miami on American in June.  Come July, New York on JetBlue and Atlanta on Delta will also be flying to Antigua directly.


Serbia Has Reopened To Tourists From All Countries

Serbia reopened to American tourists on May 22, 2020

Where is Serbia? It’s a landlocked European nation that borders Montenegro, Hungary, Bulgaria and Romania.

New York flies direct on Air Serbia to Belgrade, Serbia’s capital city daily.

Turks and Caicos

turks-caicos beach with sailboats

Turks & Caicos will reopen for Americans on July 22.

US travelers can head down to the Turks and Caicos late July, but only by flying in, as the cruise ports are staying closed until at least September.

The Turks and Caicos has not announced yet if they will be testing arrivals.

Many cities fly directly into Turks and Caicos, including: New York, Charlotte, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, and Chicago.

The USA!

Las Vegas Strip at night

Sounds crazy to mention, but many states in the USA are open for tourism! If you don’t want to travel out of the country just yet, try exploring your own.

Countries that WILL SOON Permit American Tourists:

These following countries are reopening to American tourists in the very near future:

Sri Lanka

sri lanka train reopening to tourists

Sri Lanka will reopen for American visitors on August 1.

As long as Americans agree to bringing a negative PCR test with them, and agree to have another test upon arrival, they can come for a vacation.

Countries that MAY Permit American Tourists:

These following countries may/ may not permit American tourists at this time. Some information is missing which we are trying to clarify for the purposes of this guide. We are currently looking into it and will put them on the main list once we have confirmation.


Canadians can travel to Bali Indonesia for 30 days visa free

Bali is planned to reopen for American tourists on September 1, 2020. 

After a lot of back and forth, the governor of Bali finally announced on June 17 that he will be reopening international tourism for the island. While no formal country list has been made, American citizens may be able to visit as of Sept 1.


Greece Beach with boats

Greece is projecting to accept American visitors on July 1,2020.

While not yet 100% confirmed, we wanted to keep Greece on the list.

Greece has announced it hopes open its borders to all international destinations on July 1st. The US may be able to visit Greece after July 1, but we will confirm soon here.

Delta and Emirates both have flights scheduled from New York to Athens in July.


apartments are expensive in malta

On July 15th, Americans are projected to be able to take a vacation in beautiful Malta. 

This island national sitting in the middle of the Mediterranean has hopes to be able to reopen to tourists from every country on July 15, including the USA. We will update once we have confirmation!

Here is everything we know about Malta’s reopening.

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