G-SHOCK and One Piece Prep Luffy-Inspired GA-110 Watch



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With major Dragon Ball Z and Evangelion collaborations in the works, one would be forgiven for assuming that G-SHOCK would be tapped out of high profile anime/manga collaborations. One would also be wholly mistaken, as the watchmaker is simultaneously launching a new One Piece-themed timepiece, taking cues from series lead Monkey D. Luffy.

Though Luffy is normally a sunny, smiley figure, his efforts to grow ever stronger and become King of the Pirates occasionally inspire a dark, weighty mood. This staid motif inspires the mostly-black GA-110JOP watch, emblazoned across the case and strap with imagery of Luffy mid-fight. Gold accents on the case and face contrast with the monochrome base, with several minute touches adding detail to the face, including a small straw hat and “WANTED” text emblazoned on the dials and gold hands that create an “X” when at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock, referencing the scar on Luffy’s chest.

G-SHOCK x One Piece GA-110JOP Watch Collaboration timepiece release date info buy japan luffy august 2020 price

To complement the Jolly Roger-emblazoned box, the rear of the of case features a small crossbones in place of the usual collaborative “x” symbol separating the embossed G-SHOCK and One Piece. This detail also graces the metal case that houses the watch and box top.

Expect G-SHOCK’s website to drop One Piece GA-110JOP timepiece in August for ¥26,400 JPY (approximately $245 USD).

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