2020 SST exemption: New Mercedes-Benz Malaysia price list – up to RM50k or 7% cheaper until Dec 31



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Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) has just sent us its revised price list, ahead of the sales tax exemption/reduction scheme passenger cars that is set to take effect from June 15. With such a massive line-up made up of both CKD and CBU models, the price reductions vary wildly, ranging between RM7,734 to RM49,775. In terms of percentage, it’s from 1.86% to as much as 7.11%.

A large majority of MBM’s models see a reduction of around 3% to 4%. The A-Class range will now start from RM219,263 (-RM8,625 or -3.78%), the C-Class from RM250,283 (-RM9,605 or -3.70%), the GLC from RM286,379 (-RM13,509 or -4.50%) and the E-Class from RM318,270 (-RM11,618 or -3.52%).

The latest pair of compact AMG models, fresh from their Malaysian launch, see a healthy drop too – the A45S Edition 1 now going for RM443,270 (-RM16,618 or -3.61%), and the CLA45S carrying a price tag of RM433,802 (-RM15,086 or -3.36%). You can refer to a few other AMG models in the full table here.

Surprisingly, both the lowest and highest percentage changes involve the very same model – the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The S450 AMG Line sees a massive price drop from RM699,888 to RM650,113 (-RM49,775 or -7.11%), while the plug-in hybrid S560e goes from RM658,888 to RM646,626 (-RM12,262 or 1.86%). This certainly makes the non-PHEV version a whole lot more attractive now.

As long as the list is, however, it’s not completely comprehensive as of yet, with a few non-mainstream models left out. The table will be updated with additional indent-order models/variants once their revised prices are made available to us.

This round of price revision comes off the Malaysian government’s recent announcement to drop the sales tax for passenger vehicles (100% SST exemption on CKD models and 50% on CBU models) to help stimulate the country’s economy. This tax relief and by extension, this updated pricelist, is valid from June 15 to December 31, 2020.

Mercedes-Benz’s competitors in the premium segment have also issued their own revised pricelists, which we have compiled here: BMW (up to RM31k or 5% down), MINI (up to RM14k or 3.8% down), Lexus (up to RM47k or 4% down) and Volvo (up to RM23k or 6.5% down).

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