These Are the Watches We’re Obsessing Over in May 2020



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As watch lovers, we spend our afternoons poring over watches both new and vintage. When a new timepiece comes across our radar, one that particularly resonates with our tastes, we can’t help but obsess over it. So, here’s a taste of that process — five timepieces that our watch-loving staff are obsessing over right at this very moment.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore “E” Serial

I’m pretty sure it’s about time for the Royal Oak Offshore to have it’s time back in the sun, and I couldn’t be happier. Oftentimes derided as the kind of gauche alternative to the “standard” Royal Oak, the Offshore was introduced in 1993 and featured a thick 42mm-wide case and a host of details that hinted at sporting pretensions. My favorite has to be the Therban rubber detailing — a burly polymer usually found in things like engine belts and seals. The good news is that what was once perceived as way too aggressive is now…really not that bad compared to the size and heft of modern dive watches.–Henry Phillips, Deputy Photo Editor

Junghans Meister Pilot

Sure, Junghans has its iconic Max Bill watches, but I don’t see why this very cool and unique chronograph with real history seems generally overlooked. Faithful to a pilot’s watch the German company made in the 1950s, the modern tribute has been around since before everyone was doing vintage reissues. I end up going back to look at it again every couple months or so — someday, I’ll review one.–Zen Love, Staff Writer

Jaeger-LeCoultre Jumbo Memovox E855

I was never that drawn to alarm watches for one reason or another, though there are exceptions, and the classic Memovox is one of them. This gorgeous silver-dialed example, with intact tritium lume plots and its oversized 37mm case, is particularly handsome. It’s the type of object that just about anyone, regardless of an interest in watches or not, can appreciate for its elegant design. –Oren Hartov Associate Editor

Rolex Explorer II ref. 16570

The Rolex Explorer II always puzzled me. So far removed from the aesthetic of the original Explorer, with this GMT hand, and a monochromatic, fixed bezel — I didn’t know what to think of it. But I’ve warmed to the “polar dial” reference 16570, which has a smaller case than the current iteration, and showcases how the brand does white dials so well. It embodies why Rolex is so well known for its steel sports watches, and stands out in a sea of Submariners and GMT-Masters.–Brian Louie, Head of Commerce

Grand Seiko X Watched of Switzerland Toge Special Edition GMT

I ain’t going anywhere any time soon, but I sure as hell still want a GMT. Grand Seiko’s updated its GMT model with a green dial and named it the Toge Special Edition. And by God, this is one beautiful shade of green that, from a distance, could even pass as black. The automatic watch, which comes in a 39.5 millimeter case, is refined with a zaratsu finishing technique, giving the crystal an almost mirrored look. If I had $5,200 to spare, I’d drop it on this.–Tyler Chin, Editorial Associate

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