Happy with the last winning match? Today i going to talk about England vs Slovakia match. Follow my blog and place your bet at Malaysia sports betting and you will see why Tony88 is your best online football betting page, now let me start share about this game detail.

Team information:


  • Although the former captain Wayne Rooney retired from national team, but the more that people concern is the striker Harry Kane had regain his form, last weekend when England play against Malta, he got 1 assisted and 2 scored to help England fired 4-0 to win against the opponent.
  • England always have advance when come to face against Slovakia, they get 4 win and 1 draw match in recent 15 years. England had never lose in home team when play with Slovakia.


  • Slovakia is slowly regain the form back because they get 2 win match in away team. Compare with previous 4 games never got chance to score goals. now it’s way more better.

Team analysis:

England fire 4-0 and earned a big win against Malta, now they are on top of the group stage and they are 17 points at the moment. For Slovakia, last weekend they won against Slovenia and they get 3 win match in a row. They keep in second position. At the same time, they just 2 points behind England only, so this match definitely is a 6 points. This game the home team England give 1 balls away to Slovakia. But after a while, the plate had increase to 1-1.5. In this situation, since England had win 4-0 against Malta, but the previous competition they play wass not really impressive. For Slovakia, they get 3 win match in a row, but the home team had adjust the odds market to 1-1.5 balls, this plate is definitely can see the bookie had confidence with England, so i suspect England can win in this match!

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