BEAMS Team With G-SHOCK for Two More Translucent Timepieces



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G-SHOCK reunites with BEAMS for another set of see-through timepieces, opting to vary the “Clear Skeleton” framework and introduce a new style for Spring/Summer 2020. Along with another muted DW-5600, the Japanese retailer has issued the vivid Mini GMN-691 “Crazy Color.”

Sold out instantly back in 2019, BEAMS’ initial run of “Clear Skeleton” timepieces opted for pale plastic shells that created a glass-like effect. The new DW-5600 sports a smokey black finish for more muted styling, with BEAMS logos appearing on the rear of the case and in the backlit face. Further cementing the partnership, BEAMS’ new watch will be sold in a bespoke package that evokes toys and similar retro collectibles.

Though the latter style is ostensibly a women’s model (and sold by womenswear imprint BEAMS BOY), the G-SHOCK Mini GMN-691 timepiece is essentially genderless, boasting a universally appealing blend of opaque primary colors on the strap and case. Playfully, when the red and yellow portions of the strap overlap, they create BEAMS’ signature orange hue. Like its DW-5600 counterpart, the GMN-691 is packaged in a special BEAMS BOY box, with thematic branding engraved on the rear of the case to drive home the collaborative nature.

The DW-5600 “Clear Skeleton” hits BEAMS’ web store in June while the GMN-691 will surface online in July.

Most recently, G-SHOCK introduced 2020’s “Love The Sea And The Earth” watch capsule.

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