How to use technology to boost your Eid sales in 2020



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Orobi Bakhtiar

When was the last time you went to New Market and walked out on the salesman just to make him agree to your price? You probably miss shopping in the summer heat for hours just for that perfect Eid outfit. Unfortunately, the retailers are facing immense losses during this pandemic. The global retail industry is experiencing a record-breaking crisis in the wake of COVID-19. Consumers are staying home and tightening their spending as they are doubtful about their future health, wealth, and career. Retailers are in turn laying off staff and grasping at straws to understand their options. What are the opportunities for retail marketers in Bangladesh and how can they minimize losses?

Fundamentals first

The first move would be to let customers know if your business is functioning and how you are keeping them and your employees safe. Retailers are sending emails notifying consumers about the new sanitation and safety protocols they are taking. It will be easier to come up with new business strategies if you analyse data about your customers’ behaviours and buying habits on a daily basis to learn what is new and what is not.

Digital relationship with customers

If you have a strong relationship with your customers, they are likely more interested to know what you are thinking and planning, what is happening with employees, and that you miss them. For retailers with high brand loyalty, this will be a reminder of those positive feelings. Notifying customers with updates about your new shipments or sales will make them feel more included. Now would be the prime time to show the customers how much they mean to the company. You should emphasize on educating the customers on how to use digital payment options and offering to help them throughout the process. Providing loyalty discounts online would attract tight-fisted ones.

Run online contests

What can you do to engage with your customers who love your brand but can’t visit your stores? Run contests for the next hip fashion trend for Eid. Encourage at-home fashion runways with your merchandise. Ask customers to post selfies using your products in novel ways. Invite them to post karaoke or short videos about your brand. These acts can engage your bored customers, but another important benefit is that they will keep your employees busy and focused on brand-building during this pandemic. This would help your company surface post-crisis with a much stronger customer and employee engagement.

Communicate social initiatives

As much as your company is suffering from this outbreak, you must express empathy towards the less fortunate. That can be done through donating for those causes or providing any sort of accommodation. For instance, Sheba is helping raise awareness about sanitation by partnering with Dhaka University Chemistry Department to manufacture and distribute hand sanitizers. The retailers who just push products in this environment will surely be met with a backlash. Since many tailors are stuck at home with no source of income, you could raise an online fund for them. This would help the less fortunate as well as help with your brand promotion and recognition in the long run.

Expand your Online Presence

You are likely to reach more customers through multiple social media platforms. For Facebook and Instagram, consider going Live and have a one-on-one conversation with them. This would help the customers evaluate the products themselves, as well as provide insights for you. Many retailers are now opting to open Youtube pages for brand promotion. This can help boost your sales online. Brands such as Sephora, have apps for the customers to virtually try on their products before buying them. This feature not only lets the customer try on the products themselves but also eliminates any form of doubt on their part. LinkedIn groups are also a great way to promote your business as it allows you to host different events online and invite other brands to collaborate.

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