Wold Cup Qualification Match Group A- 04 Sept 02:45am Netherlands vs Bulgaria (Football Tips)


Okay, another winning tips last night, this match i going to share Netherlands vs Bulgaria tips for you guy. Please subscribe my blog and place your bet at Malaysia sportsbook. Now let me tell you the game details now!

Team information:


  • Last match Netherlands was defeated by France and lose 4-0 to their opponent, after Strootman given a red card, the team nightmare started and let France break their form.
  • Since Strootman get a red card in previous match, he is not going to play for this game. Besides, the experienced striker Robie Van Persie was suffered in injury, he is out of the team as well.
  • The winger Arjen Roben told the media that they are not over yet, they just need to get 3 win match in a row, then they can stay in 2nd position. So the national team will give all their best in the next 3 games.


  • Although Bulgaria is not a popular team and lack of class player, but if you see the history match result, Bulgaria ger 5 win 2 draw and 4 lose game. In the first leg game Bulgaria had won 2-0 against Netherlands.

Team analysis:

Netherlands had lose 4-0 to France 2 days ago. For Bulgaria now was at 3rd position. If compare to Netherlands, they have higher chance to qualify to World Cup. Today plates is Netherlands give 1.5 balls away to Bulgaria. In my point of view, this odds is acceptable and reasonable. This match the bookie seems like support the home team as well, so i suspect Netherlands can win in this match, indeed.

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