See the Most Colorful Tulip Fields in the Netherlands Without Leaving Your House This Year (Video)


If you can’t go see the spring flowers, the spring flowers can now come to you — virtually.

Coronavirus has affected millions (if not billions) around the world. Globally, cities have been issuing stay-at-home orders and closing down public places in order to combat the spread of the disease.

Unfortunately, this also included the Keukenhof Flower Exhibit, which is nearly in full bloom during this time of year in the town of Lisse, Netherlands.

Keukenhof tulip fields in Holland, Netherlands

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But the exhibit isn’t letting all that natural beauty go to waste. Since the gardeners and other employees are still hard at work tending to the flowers, even without any visitors, the Keukenhof Flower Exhibit decided to bring its beautiful, springtime experience online for the whole world to enjoy, according to Lonely Planet.

Keukenhof is the world’s largest bulb-flower garden, with over 800 varieties of tulips, hyacinths, crocuses, and daffodils, and over seven million individual bulbs that bloom every year, Lonely Planet reported. People who visit the Netherlands tend to flock to this area between March and May because the blooming is truly one of the most beautiful and colorful sights you can see on a trip.

Keukenhof tulip fields in Holland, Netherlands

This year, the Keukenhof has launched a video series entitled “Keukenhof Virtually Open,” according to Lonely Planet. The videos include gardeners taking you on a guided tour of their favorite places in the park, showing you the beautifully blooming flowers, and providing interesting facts about each type of flower as well.

“In the months leading up to spring, a lot of hard work has gone into providing visitors with a beautiful experience. The park is already blooming beautifully and will become even more beautiful in the coming weeks,” it says in a statement on the official Keukenhof website. “Keukenhof likes to show this to people under the slogan ‘If people cannot come to Keukenhof, we will bring Keukenhof to the people’.”

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