World Cup Qualification Group A 01 Sept 02:45am France vs Netherlands (Football Insider Tips)


It’s been a while i had never sharing football tips, today is the World Cup Qualification match,  i going to give you something for free, here i am to share the insider tips for you all. If you’re interested to bet on football match, please come to visit Malaysia sportsbook to support the team, now let me straight intro this game.

Team information:


  • Currently France get 13 point. They get 4 win 1 draw and 1 lose match. This match they are facing Netherlands. The away team now in period of short supply, so France must stay focus in this match to win against their opponent.
  • In previous match, Frances defeated by Sweden and they drop from top of the table. But when comes to friendly match, France had won 3-2 against England, the team had back on track .


  • Netherlands get 10 points, currently their results is 3 win 1 draw and 2 lose match. Although they have the chance to qualify, but they might possible to get a better result, so the team need to give what they got.

Team analysis:

This is the topic of the match and most people who talking about, now France is at 2nd position and Netherlands was at 3rd position. If you look at the odds market, France giving 1 balls away to Netherlands. From what i see, France have a lot of potential young player, for Netherlands, the young player is still inexperienced.  But when you look at the odds market, the bookie seems like not really support the plate. So, i expect this match Netherlands can give all they have and push a draw match or France won’t win in the odds market.

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