21 Photos of Italy on Lockdown, From a Vacant Colosseum to Empty Churches on Easter


Italy has been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak—as of publishing, 159,516 cases of COVID-19 have been reported and 20,465 people have died. Since the nationwide lockdown took effect on March 9, it’s been obvious that life is anything but normal for Italians right now. As Florence-based writer Nicky Swallow told Traveler last month, “We can only hope that things will get better sooner rather than later.”

The following photos of Italy show just how far the effects of COVID-19 and the lockdown have spread, from clear canals in Venice to empty beaches on the Amalfi Coast. Even Holy Week services were delivered to empty churches. But among the strangely quiet country, you’ll also find glimpses of community and hope. “There’s [a] phrase that’s trending: andrà tutto bene (‘everything will be okay’),” writes Swallow. “In the meantime, we sit and wait and try not to become too anxious. It’s not easy.”

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