Pogba row with Liverpool legend Souness escalates after ‘medals’ challenge



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Graeme Souness has told Paul Pogba to “put your medals on the table” after the Manchester United midfielder said he didn’t know who ex-Scotland international was.

Pogba, who won four Serie A titles with Juventus, the World Cup with France and the Europa League with United, made the claim on the United Podcast.

“I didn’t even know who he was, really. I heard he was a great player and stuff like that. I know the face, but [not] the name,” he said.

“I’m not someone who watches a lot of [punditry]. I watch a lot of football but I don’t stay after the game to listen to what they say about why they did this, or why they did that. I like to focus on football.”

Souness, a notorious critic of Pogba and three-time European Cup winner with Liverpool, was speaking after Jamie Carragher, another former Liverpool player, confronted him with Pogba’s quotes on Sky Sports and questioned the United star’s opinion.

“There’s been a story about Paul Pogba this morning and the interesting thing about it is we’re quite critical of Paul Pogba but I think when you’re a player you’ve got to be respectful, certainly of certain former players with certain opinions,” Carragher said.

“At times you have to take that criticism on the chin. So for Pogba to come out and say he’d never heard of Graeme Souness, I thought really was below the belt.”

Souness added: “The oldest saying in football comes to mind, put your medals on the table, and I’ve got a big table!” Souness added, before moving the conversation on swiftly to another subject.

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