Road Trip Anyone? Here’s How You Can Reach Kasol From Manali by Road



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Kasol is a tiny hill station in the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh, famous among foreign tourists and young travellers for its hippie culture, yet untouched till now by commercialization.  It is surrounded on all sides by beautiful mountains and a scenic view, which is further enhanced by a pleasant climate all year round. Other tourists destinations close to Kasol are Malana, Tosh and Manikaran, and while in Kasol there are various activities one can do like trying out Israeli food at the various street-side cafes, enjoying a picture-perfect view of the Parvati river, visiting the Temple of Manikaran Sahib and just generally enjoying the air of merriment which radiates off this town. Also Read – No Trip to Kasol is Complete Without a Visit to These 6 Beautiful Places

The total distance from Manali to Kasol is 75 km, which takes around 3-4 hours to reach by road, depending on the state of the traffic. There are buses, which run from Manali to Kasol every day and it takes around 5 hours to complete the journey by bus. Also Read – How to reach Kasol from Delhi by road

Start off your journey from Manali by heading south down NH 21 towards Kanyal Road for around 35 kilomteres, continue along NH 21 for another 10.5 kms and after passing by Pashoo Resort, turn left into Manikaram Road, from where the journey is about 30 more kilometres. Carry on the Manikaram Road, along which runs the Parvati River until you reach the town of Kasol.

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