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Time to meet the volleyball team at the beach, in a Bikini Party mobile slot that doesn’t try and hide anything from view.

And we mean anything. These ladies are one cut strap away from being in the middle of a porn shoot, suggestive poses and DD cups all ready for some light spanking beach fun.

If this is a little obvious for you, we’d recommend the Dragon Dance slot, which has exactly the same mechanics, but a slightly less ‘in your face’ oriental theme – which we personally prefer. Find out more at Tony88 Malaysia Online Slots!

But if ‘suggestive girls’ floats your boat, then by all means, add a star to this Bikini Party slot review. Because, remarkably, whilst you can’t take the girls seriously, this is still a serious game.

For those with a little experience and a good memory

The whole selling point of these style of Microgaming mobile slots is that you can re-spin any individual reel, at any time.

So instead of having to spin all five reels at once, you can spin any of the five reels after a spin, to try and get a better result… but at a price.

How much depends on the how close you are to getting a good win in this Bikini Party video slot – generally the reels that cost more, tend to be the ones worth re-spinning.

The danger, of course, is that if you’re a newbie, you just click re-spin time and time again, and spend more than you win, when most of the time, it is worth spinning all five reels and seeing what happens.

The Bikini Party slot free spins are still king

The re-spin features make it impossible to be bored in this 243 ways to win slot machine, because you’re always on a the lookout to see if you can get a better result.

Yet, it’s in the free spins that we’ve gotten some of our best win, thanks in part to 3x multiplier, which has lead to wins over 300 times our bet. More is not out of the cards.

That said, a quick word of advice; it’s almost never worth spinning to try and catch a third scatter and trigger the free spins. The cost for that is expensive, and the free spins are temperamental; so yeah, we’ve won over 300 times our bet. We’ve also won 10x to 20x our bet on far more occasions.

Despite our first dislike of the theme, we ended up having a great time on this Bikini Party slot game and can see ourselves coming back when Dragon Dance is feeling less generous.

This is certainly the thinking mans slot machine. If that sounds like too much hard work, the Beach Babes slot might be a little easier on the brain.

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