The World’s Largest Countries Travelers Need Months To See


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Some nations are small enough to be seen in a matter of weeks. But others are so big that they require months just to scrape the surface. Keep reading to find out about the world’s largest countries.

Russia Is The World’s Largest Country By Area

Tourist in Russia

Russia is the world’s largest country by area. If you wanted to explore every part of the ginormous nation properly, it would definitely take you a while! Russia is home to over 144 million people from more than 186 different ethnic groups and various religions. The country is so vast that the landscape varies from mountains to marshland to desert to ice fields.

Lake in Siberia

The two most popular cities to visit in Russia are Moscow, the capital, and St. Petersburg, home to several prominent historical landmarks including the Winter Palace and the State Hermitage Museum. Beyond those, the country boasts several hidden gems within its borders that most travelers aren’t even aware of. Rest assured that you’ll never run out of things to do and places to go here.

trans siberian railway
G Adventures

The immense landscape also contains countless rural wonders, from national parks to serene lakes. Many people who want to see Russia choose to travel on the Trans-Siberian Railway which runs from Moscow to Vladivostok.

Canada Has A Longer Shoreline Than Any Other Nation

The second-largest country in the world is Canada, which has a longer shoreline than any other nation on the planet. Canada has 10 provinces and three territories and a population of just over 37 million people, which is quite low compared to Russia. The North American nation is also home to a range of ethnic groups and 289 cities that have a population of more than 10,000 people.

Canada is an ideal travel destination for anybody who appreciates nature. Many of the largest points of interest in the country are nature-based, including Niagara Falls, Banff National Park, and the Bay of Fundy. The top cities that foreign travelers typically add to their Canadian bucket lists include Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Cathedral in canada
CN Traveler

Canada is one of the world’s top destinations when it comes to unrivaled picturesque scenery. Travelers taking road trips across the country often stop in at the various national parks to make the most of the outstanding natural beauty.

The United States Is Just A Little Smaller Than Canada

tourist walking in rural united states

The United States has a significantly larger population than Canada, with more than 327 million people. But in terms of land size, it’s just a little bit smaller. The landscape varies greatly across the 50 states, from deserts in the West to rocky peaks and wilderness in the North to tropical beaches and marshland in the Deep South.

For international travelers, you could allocate months to a trip of the United States and it still wouldn’t be enough time to see everything. Most people visiting from overseas tend to stick to the major tourist hotspots, including New York City, Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, Florida and Walt Disney World Resort, and California.

But there really are endless towns and cities to visit in the U.S.A. Many tourists choose to only concentrate on one area of the country at a time and return in subsequent years to finish seeing the rest.

China Shares A Border With 14 Different Countries

tourist on the great wall of china

It is well known that China is one of the world’s largest countries. No less than 14 other nations surround China—a figure that should convey just how expansive it is in terms of land size. China is also the world’s most populated country with more than 1.386 billion people living within its borders.

Chinese ice festival

The popular cities that most people flock to when they visit China include Beijing and Shanghai, although there are infinite other places to explore. The Great Wall of China is another popular tourist destination, stretching from Shanhaiguan in the country’s east all the way to Jiayuguan in the west.

Chinese beach
Lonely Planet

Like the other sizable countries of the world, China experiences a range of landscapes. It is home to sections of the Gobi Desert in addition to tropical coastlines, grasslands, and mountains.

Brazil Is The Largest Country In South America

The largest country in both Latin America and South America, Brazil is another nation that will take you a very long time to explore. More than 209 million people call Brazil home, which makes it also one of the most populated countries in the world.

The city of Rio de Janeiro is arguably the busiest and most famous city in the country. Home to Copacabana Beach, the statue of Christ the Redeemer, and Carnaval, it attracts millions of tourists every year. But there are plenty of other destinations to visit in Brazil. Just don’t expect to see all of them in a single trip!

Several tours run in the country and take travelers to Brazilian destinations that are off the beaten track, including the Chapada Diamantina National Park and the colonial town of Olinda.

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