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If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, which seems to be the mantra by which Playtech has acted when it comes to Chaoji 888. This oriental slot machine not only continues on with their love for Asian themed games, but it also adopts the classic 1-pay line layout that they used in Long Long Long. Find out more games at Tony88 Malaysia Online Slots!

Even though there are clear similarities, that no player can deny, the two are no way alike when it comes down to appearance. What this means is that players who have enjoyed Long Long Long, can also appreciate Chaoji 888 for different qualities; maybe not game play wise, but definitely in graphics.


The number 8 is a special number in Asia, especially in China, where the number is greatly championed by those desperate to maintain good fortunes. The reason for this? That is less clear, but nobody can deny that due to the shape of the 8, it forever continues onwards, never swaying or losing its sense of direction. It self-fulfils; maybe that’s why it’s the focus of the game here?

Unlike a typical number 8, these are dragons here, just in case the oriental theme hadn’t been hammered home enough already. One dragon on its own is a win here, albeit a small win of x8 of your wager. If users get a double dragon, the reward is better at x88, but the best anyone can hope to have here is the x888, the three dragons; it’s the game’s name sake after all.

You only need to put down 0.01 credits to begin, which is neither here nor there, even the lowest income could afford a punt like that. That being said, you’ll keep having to put that amount down to play, which will soon add up if you don’t keep track of your losses as well as your wins. Fortunately, there’s a counter to tell you your current balance on the left hand side of the screen.

For maximum enjoyment, why not turn on Turbo and then set up the Auto spins? That way you’ll be whizzing around at super speeds, your hands feeling rested and relaxed as you go. Hands free entertainment at its finest, and yet you’re able to end both features at any time.

An Age of Prosperity

Chaoji 888 can be a generous game for all who play, even those betting with next to nothing, but it’s one that wealthier gamers will benefit most from due to the pay outs being worked out via the stake size.

In regards to everything else, you can play a game just like this with Playtech and indeed any brand, which means that this title has to fight for dominance in this sector. If we put this activity against Long Long Long, it would be fair to say that Chaoji 888 comes out on top, due both to its visuals and the amount of cash up for grabs.

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