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Bermuda Triangle slot is a very old game from Playtech at Tony88 Malaysia Online Slots. I rarely play this kind of games but this one has a theme that piques my curiosity. Bermuda triangle is a large are that covers most of West Florida that is considered as a place where something mysterious is happening. I think this is only an exaggeration but still it is a good theme for an online slot. Frankly, I have played this game only once to try it and that was it. I made a deposit of 10 euros and while I was scrolling I found the Bermuda triangle. I have started playing on a min bet but still I have managed to lose all my money very fast. The reason I have played the game is because it is an old slot and it is still available so I thought that it is worth trying it. I was wrong I guess.

This is a 3 reels and only 5 pay lines video slot game. The background is a stormy ocean of course and on the top left corner you can see a plane that is probably falling in the ocean. Everything is so simple here in this slot. There are only 5 symbols which include an aero plane, a ship, an octopus, a shark and a dolphin. The game play is very simple too. There are no free spins or a bonus round that is unique to the game. I suppose this is a game for beginners or for people who cannot let go of the past and start playing all those new slots that are available now.

While I was playing the game I did not manage to land any good symbol and to win something. Most of the spins were empty with no win at all. I have tried the game and I am not going back again. By the way, you can find out more games at Tony88 Malaysia Online Slots!

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