20 Pics Of Bahamas Islands To Help You Decide Which One Is Right For You



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Many people visit the islands. Lots of the islands are part of the Bahamas. It’s easy to see why so many people like to go on vacations like this. Hearing the waves of the water crash while one is relaxing in warm sand is something really serene, and it does seem like each island offers some cool and unique things for visitors to do.

But there are over 30 different islands in this area to choose from, so picking just one can be really hard, according to oyster.com, and that is especially true for those that have never been there before.

Some islands in the Bahamas are better for people who like to be active. Here are some photos that might help make that decision easier.

20One Can Go Rock Climbing At Inagua Island

Someone on an island

Inagua Island is one of many beautiful places that people can check out if they want to enjoy a vacation in the Bahamas. It looks like it is very relaxing, but it also looks like a place where guests might be able to do some rock climbing, which is awesome.

19Guests Can Ride Bikes On Cat Island

A man on a bike

There are a lot of people who love to ride bikes. This kind of thing is a great way to go sight-seeing while getting some intense and healthy exercise at the same time. According to tripadvisor.com, Cat Island is a place where some people ride their bikes in the Bahamas.

18There Are Some Stunning Sights To See At Andros Island, And It Looks Like Guests Could Do Some Rock Climbing There As Well

One of the beautiful sights on Andros Island

Those who are looking to visit an island that has lots of stunning sights will likely be pretty happy with a visit to Andros Island. There are lots of cool things to see, and it looks like it might be possible for one to do some rock climbing as well.

17Guests Can Float In Caves On Long Island

Floating in a cave is not something people usually do on a daily basis, but they can do it fairly often if they choose to visit Long Island. Judging by the looks of this picture, that seems to be a very fun and relaxing thing for a traveler to do.

16A Ship Wreck Can Be Seen At Bimini Island

Checking out shipwrecks can be fascinating, it looks as though anyone who chooses to visit Bimini Island can do just that. Checking out the shipwreck that is displayed in this photograph seems like it would be a lot of fun for anyone to do. It’s like a peek into history.

15Those Who Visit Freeport Can Get A Very Close View Of Dolphins

Dolphins are some of the most beautiful known creatures in the water, and many people seem to enjoy getting the chance to see them. Those who go to Freeport in the Bahamas can get a really close view of the creatures, judging by the looks of this photo someone took.

14People Who Like Pigs Will Have A Great Time At Mayaguana

Typically, one does not think about swimming with pigs when they think about what going to an island in the Bahamas will be like. But, that is something that can be done when people visit Mayaguana. There is no doubt this kind of thing is a cool and unique experience.

13There Are Some Great Places To Have A Nice Walk At Ragged Island

People who visit islands probably do more swimming and relaxing than they do walking, but there are some who love to take nice walks. In this picture, it looks like Ragged Island has some really nice and peaceful places for guests to enjoy a walk when they get the urge.

12Guests Can Feed Sharks At Rum Cay

Feeding any fish is cool, but being able to feed a shark is a different experience entirely. People who enjoy a thrilling thing like that can do it at Rum Cay, according to this picture. It’s not every day that one can get so close to sea creatures like that.

11Kayaking Can Be Done At The Abacos

It looks like the Abacos is for the people who really seem to enjoy being very active. Judging by what is going on in this photo that was taken by someone who visited that area, it seems as though people can go kayaking in the Abacos, which is pretty cool.

10Travelers Can Learn About The Fish At Eleuthera

Learning about different fish is a really fun and educational thing for a person to do, and that seems to be part of what makes Eleuthera so great. There appears to be some information about the fish that live there near the water so that guests can read about them.

9Families Can Take Part In Really Fun Activities In The Water At Nassau & Paradise Island

Families who like to take part in many fun activities while on an island should visit Nassau & Paradise Island. Based on this image, it seems as though people who go there can do some cool stuff that will keep people of all ages very entertained for a bit.

8There’s A Spot For Guests To Stay Out Of The Sun As They Watch The Water At San Salvador

Not everyone wants to be in the sun all the time, and that is part of what makes San Salvador so awesome. In this photo, it is pretty clear that there is a spot for guests to hang out in the shade while they look at the beautiful clear water.

7People Can Swim With Sea Creatures At Islands In The Exumas, Which Seems Like A Pretty Thrilling Experience

Person swimming with sea creatures

Swimming is fun, and swimming with creatures is even better. That is exactly what is happening in this photo, which means that people should check out the islands that are located in the Exumas if they are really into this type of thing. Memories like that are always very cool.

6There Are Some Amazing Places Where One Can Relax At The Berry Islands

Hammock by the water

While some people love to be very active when they are on vacation, there are also others that enjoy chilling out and being laid back. Based on what is shown in this image, it looks like the Berry Islands is the perfect spot for those who really like to relax.

5Saddle Back Cay Has A Nice Deck For Travelers To Relax On During Their Stay

Saddle Back Cay is a beautiful place, and it seems to be the ultimate spot for people who like to relax when they’re on a vacation. In this image, one can see a very nice covered deck people can enjoy when they do not want to be in the sun.

4Riding Horses Is Fun, And That Can Be Done At Grand Bahamas Island

There are a lot of people who really seem to enjoy riding horses, and that is something that one can actually do when they are at Grand Bahamas Island, according to this image. This is a great way to make some unforgettable memories. There are other cool activities as well.

3Atlantis Has A Great Water Slide

Water slides are a lot of fun. People who are really into thrill-seeking tend to enjoy things like that, and that means that Atlantis is the right place for them. That is because this awesome water slide is there, and there could be others as well, which would be cool.

2There’s A Fun Place To Swing At Nassau Paradise Island

Swinging is a fun activity, and it is a great way to get some exercise. Judging by this image, it looks like the woman in this photograph is enjoying some time on a nice swing that is located in Nassau Paradise Island. It also has a cool shape to it.

1People Who Love Lighthouses Will Probably Really Enjoy Going To Crooked Island

Lighthouse located at Crooked Island

There are lots of people who enjoy looking at beautiful lighthouses. According to this image, that is something people can enjoy checking out when they go to Crooked Island, which is one of the many islands that is located in the Bahamas. There could be other lighthouses there as well.

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