Vivo APEX 2020 Is Seriously Impressive With Its Insane Tech Of 5x-7.5x Continuous Optical Zoom And Built In Gimbal



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Vivo has recently unveiled their third-generation concept phone – APEX 2020 – and Vivo continues to deliver some impressive innovation to look out for, to the point that it seems almost surreal. On top of delivering 5G and comes in an endless touch display like the NEX 3, the device also comes with 5x-7.5x continuous optical zoom, a gimbal-stabilising main camera and even an under display camera.

The Vivo APEX 2020 is the world’s first smartphone equipped with high-magnification continuous zoom. To be clear, while a lot of devices claim to have optical zoom it actually use a combination of different cameras zooming and digital zooming. As such, the iPhone 11 Pro Max actually offers 2x optical zoom and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra has 4x optical zoom for comparison. Huawei’s P30 Pro offers 5x zoom but it’s possible that the upcoming P40 Pro may have a 10x optical zoom though but I digress.

The APEX 2020 is able to reach a 5x-7.5x continuous optical zoom by using a “4-group lens combination” that’s placed inside APEX’s ultra-thin body as this is a mere 6.2mm thick. As an example, it pretty much works by having two sets of periscope lenses, one is responsible for the high-power focal length, and the other is responsible for the higher power focal length. The two sets of lenses are smoothly connected during zooming, and the complex gear set rotates precisely in a small body.

For the gimbal, most devices utilises the OIS + EIS hybrid anti-shake systems. Vivo combines that with a micro tripod head embedded in the main camera of the device to give the camera’s stabilisation angle up to 200% extended compared to the traditional OIS system.

And finally, we have our under display camera which has been talked about a lot especially for Oppo though they have yet to release a device with said technology. For the APEX 2020, it has a dual-lens camera setup with a 16MP selfie camera inside the display.

This is all wrapped up in a 6.45-inch ultra-curved display that bends at an angle of up to 120 degrees on both sides, resulting in an ultra-narrow bezel and a futuristic aesthetic similar to the NEX 3. It’s boosted by a 60W Wireless Super FlashCharge charging technology, a Snapdragon 865 processor, 12GB RAM + 256GB ROM, and supports WiFi 6.

Being a concept smartphone, there’s no certainty it will ever make it to consumers so it’s hard to ascertain a launch date or even a price point. There’s even the fact that it’s completely portless, so the device can only be charged wirelessly which is something most consumers have yet to adopt. But even if the APEX 2020 remains a concept smartphone, here’s hoping we get to see some of this technology in Vivo’s upcoming devices.

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