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Long Long Long is a very basic slot game, and the illustrations are also fairly simple. The background behind the reels features a detailed ink-drawn painting with dark blue patterns and light blue fluffy clouds. Normally Asian-themed games feature an excessive amount of red and gold, and clearly Playtech wanted to avoid that with Long Long Long, replacing most of the colors with dark blue. This color scheme has a calming effect. You can play it at Tony88 Malaysia Online Slots!

The only symbols are a green dragon, a red dragon and a yellow dragon. The dragons are drawn well and their colors are vibrant, which makes the screen look bright and exciting. The sound effects are few and far between, creating a peaceful ambience.

How To Play

Playing Long Long Long is fairly simple thanks to its three reels and one payline. Your wager can range from $0.01 up to $5.00, and you can choose to play either for fun or for money. The game offers some pretty hefty prizes, and the maximum payout you can win is $440.

Once you have decided on your wager, it is time to start spinning the reels. The game does not feature any bonus prizes or mini-games, and because there is only one reel, the most players can ever score is three of a kind. However, players can win big prizes if three of the yellow, red or green dragons are displayed. Three green dragons will pay out up to $140, three red dragons will pay out up to $290 and three yellow dragons will pay out up to $440.00. The maximum bet is $5.00, so this makes three yellow dragons a very hefty return!

The lowest-paying combination available is a reel that includes each color of dragon; if you get a yellow, green and red dragon in one reel, you can win back up to eight times your original wager.

Long Long Long is a basic slot that only gives players four different payout opportunities, which many players may find off-putting in theory. The good news is that payouts can be won regularly due to the lack of extra symbols and paylines, which makes winning combinations much more likely. Even though the game may seem limiting, it is surprisingly enjoyable and immersive.

The Company

Playtech is one of the world’s biggest online slots software suppliers, and it is also a publicly traded company that offers technical solutions to leading online casinos. This game maker is known for offering one of the best selections of online slot games, with a wide range of themes and jackpots. Many of their games feature high-quality graphics and animations that add an extra layer of quality to their games.

Long Long Long can be played on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Don’t forget to join Tony88 Malaysia Online Slots!

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