Casio’s new G-Shock watch is a Garmin Forerunner rival – powered by the sun


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The new G-Shock watch is set as a true rival to the most popular Garmin running watches around – but with the iconic bulky stylings from Casio.

The GBD-H1000 is available in four models giving you a pick of black/white, all black, red and black/red color options.

These G-Shock models are rugged, as you’d expect, have a built-in heart rate monitor and GPS – and can be charged by the sun.

If you want to just use this watch as a fitness tracker to get notifications and step counts, you’ll need to use it in bright sunlight for two hours a week (or eight hours under fluorescent lights) and you’ll never need to reach for the charger.

However, it’ll run for 14 hours straight, according to Casio, if you use the USB charger – giving it some meaty battery life.

There’s also further support for GLONASS and MICHIBIKI satellite systems giving you move comprehensive navigation support wherever you’re running with your G-Shock on the planet.

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Additional sensors include a compass, pressure, thermo and an accelerometer to offer basic step tracking. At the heart of the watch is an LCD screen, though unlike Casio’s Pro Trek smartwatch range this will not be showing off Wear OS as this doesn’t run on Google’s smartwatch operating system.

It does use Bluetooth to pair to Casio’s own dedicated app, where you can review tracking data history like places traveled and dig into fitness tracker insights.

Deeper training insights
Other features include training insights to view information like VO2max and optimal recovery time based on logged workout sessions.

There’s enough space for up to 100 runs and you’ll be able to see real-time metrics like distance, speed and pace when you’re on the move. On top of that, the heart rate monitor inside also uses Firstbeat technology (the same used by Garmin) to check stress levels and let you know how your post-run recovery is going, giving you more insight into your training.

You’re also getting the ability to view world time zones, a stopwatch, alarm and a countdown timer if you want to keep your sports tracking basic.

All four of the Casio G-Shock GBD-H1000 models will be landing in April 2020. The watch is set to cost £379 (about $500, AU$750) in the UK, but we don’t currently having prices for other markets.

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