918Kiss Plus Jusy’s Farm Slots Review


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Judy’s Farm Slots

918Kiss Plus Judy’s Farm slot machine games are becoming increasingly popular today. The game is based on the theme of the popular television series that goes by the same name. The TV show is a reality show about the life of a judge in the court of law, and the different decisions and life lessons that one learns from seeing others fight through lies and truth to finally get justice.

The number of slot machine games that are based on TV series is increasing today, and after the successful debut of the X-Factor slot in this sector, 918Kiss Plus is doing very well for itself. The creativity in incorporating gambling and bonuses and special features into this show goes to show how well the company is doing in terms of engaging its users.

How to Play Judge Judy Slot Machines

The Judy’s farm slot machine is one of the latest creations of 918Kiss Plus, which means that the graphics and visualizations are absolutely top-notch. The game was brought to the market in the year 2012 and has done a good job of living up to the expectations of people. This slot machine is a ways slot, which means that there are a certain number of ways to win, based on the symbols that show up on the reels. Today, most of the slot machines have different lines of pay so that people can take wagers on each line and make money.

Bonus Features and Free Rounds Available in the Game

The game has three main bonus rounds, each having a unique name which is based on law. The first one is called ‘you make the call’. This bonus gives you a chance to review a case and choose whether you think that the verdict will prove the defendant innocent or guilty.

If you guess correctly, you get a random multiplier to your score. ‘Plead your case’ is a bonus feature where you can either be the defendant or the plaintiff. Argue your way to victory and riches at the same time. The ‘rules’ bonus is one where you will have to choose from a number of files to multiply your score.

About Judy’s Farm– the Television Series

Judy’s Farm is a widely viewed television series that made its debut in 1996. The reality court show features Judith Sheindlin, a retired judge of the family court in Manhattan. Nominated for the Emmy’s 14 years in a row, the show is quite popular and has been running successfully for the pasts 17 years. This year, with its 15th nomination, the show finally won its first Daytime Emmy award.

The amazing part of the show is that Judge Judith was the topic of discussion during her time in the court of law. She was well known as one of the leading and strictest family court judges, for which reason she was chosen for the part. The show has done an excellent job, and now you can enjoy the slots version of this series.

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