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Lady of the Moon Slots

Ancient China is rich in legends, and many slot game developers took the opportunity to get some fresh sources of inspiration.

One of Top Game’s take on Chinese mythology resulted in Lady of the Moon, a beautiful tale of a Queen who became the Goddess of the moon after eating a magic herb that gave her eternal life. The game takes you right in the middle of this legend, and your task is to collect as many artefacts and characters from the story as possible. Let’s try it at Tony88 Malaysia Online Slots!

Gorgeous Natural Settings

Lady of the Moon is set on a beautiful backdrop representing a Chinese mountain landscape at night.

The full moon shines on tall mountains covered in trees, with clouds and fog covering part of the scene. Truly gorgeous settings for a slot game, that players will enjoy admiring during their gaming session.

Traditional Chinese music plays as you spin the reels, making the overall atmosphere of Lady of the Moon both eerie and beautiful. It is not easy to take your eyes off of the beauty of the graphics, but let’s review the gameplay to make sure you know all the tricks to win big and have fun in Lady of the Moon.

How to Play

Lady of the Moon makes use of the typical Top Game rules, which allow players enough freedom to customise their experience without burdening them with endless settings.

All the commands you need are located right under the reels. Use the switches to determine your bet per line and the coin value. The game contains 13 fixed paylines running across five spinning reels. Winning combinations of symbols landing on the paylines will trigger a corresponding cash prize, which is then automatically added to your credit total. Click the Play button to validate your settings and set the reels into motion.

Use the Autoplay feature to let the game run its course for as long as you wish, and skip the settings part altogether. Whatever your preferences are, you can use the settings of Lady of the Moon to fit your mood and personal style at any moment.

Ancient Artefacts and Mythical Characters

The paytable of Lady of the Moon comprises two different groups of four reel symbols each. All of the icons are inspired by elements of the Chinese legend on which the game is based.

The first four symbols represent objects such as a Mortar, an Axe, a Bow and a Sword. These icons are not worth a lot of money, but you will see them appear frequently on the reels to increase your chances of scoring multiple winning combinations with them.

Characters of the legend fill up the second symbol group. Meet the Rabbit, the Warrior, the Archer and the Queen herself, and with a few combinations your gold stash will increase exponentially.

Moon Features

Lady of the Moon contains three different special symbols that trigger special features essential for players who want to make the best out of the game.

The Moon icon is a Wild card, it can replace any of the basic symbol we talked about in the previous section. A couple of them on the reels can help you score more wins than you may think.

The Weeping Willow is a Scatter that awards Free Spins instead of cash. Land three of them on reels 1, 3 and 5 to trigger 13 free games instantaneously.

The Golden Leaves act as a straightforward Bonus symbol. When three of them line up on a payline, you get a chance to win up to 3300 points to add to your personal stash.

Challenging Gameplay

Lady of the Moon is a beautiful game to look at and a real pleasure to play. But beyond this, it is also a challenging game with plenty of possibilities to win big and to have fun. The low number of available paylines is a bit of a drawback however, and the fact that they are fixed takes away an important factor that many players enjoy customising in other video slot game.

That being said, a five-of-a-king Queen combination for instance might be hard to get, but it pays 13,000 times your initial wager. That alone should be motivation enough for you to try your best and your luck on the reels of Lady of the Moon.

Try your luck at Tony88 Malaysia Online Slots!

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