10 Most exotic cave hotels in the world that will add spice to your honeymoon like nothing else!



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One of the most important things that can make or break your honeymoon is, let’s face it, your hotel room. A good hotel room with a beautiful view, great interiors and overall wonderful ambience can just add to the spice and make you feel good. It also adds to the fun element and the crazy factor. Also, let’s face it. People spend a lot of time in their rooms on their honeymoon. Like A LOT! So then, why not have an exotic and beautiful hotel room which you will remember for the rest of your life? White-washed ceilings and pastel walls are too boring. And just so usual. Your special time with your partner is just that – special. So why not make the most of it?

Cave hotels are some of the most beautiful and the most underrated hotels in the world – especially when it comes to honeymoons. People often plan trips and vacations to beautiful locations and then, choose the best of the hotels there. Why don’t you choose a hotel first and then plan the destination? A cave hotel is simply stunning as it captures the complete natural beauty of the region and also, gives you a different feel. Most of the times, these cave hotels come equipped with some of the best views in the world so there, it’s a win win for you! Either made inside natural caves or crafted entirely from stone to give a cave-like finish, there are tons of cave hotels in the world that will make you want to settle in them forever!

1. Cave Hotels in Cappadocia and Goreme, Turkey

Cappadocia region inn Turkey is perhaps the Mecca for cave hotels. Lined with Fairy Chimneys made of volcanic rocks thousands of years ago, the conical protrusions have been converted to hotels in many of the parts. There are hundreds of cave hotels in the region though the most popular of the lot are Koza Cave Hotel, Elkep Evi, Gamirasu Cave Hotel, Cappadocia Cave Suites. These hotels have stone rooms as well as cave rooms so choose the cave rooms to experience the real cave aspect. So if you’re in the mood for some pampering, go for it!



2. Le Grotte della Civita, Matera, Italy

The hotel is located in the world famous UNESCO site of Sassi, in the dainty Apennine village in South of Italy. The area is covered with thousands of caves and each of these caves has been converted into modern forms of dwellings like palaces, churches and hotels for better upkeep. In the ancient ages, there were many monasteries in the region and despite the difficult terrain, farming flourished. Le Grotte della Civita is a cave hotel with beautiful rock hewn rooms. There are 4 room categories and each of them resembling a beautiful cave. You won’t want to get out of your room (or the bed) here, believe us!


Grotte 2

3. Les Hautes Roches, Loire Valley, France

Situated along the river Loire, this limestone hotel will give you complete privacy, a serene atmosphere plus a stunningly beautiful room. The hotel is constructed bang inside a 18th-century manor and troglodyte caves. The rooms are either modern or made inside a cave with the suite room being completely cave like and stunningly beautiful. It is situated about 8-10 kms from the center of the city and hence, will give all the space and the time you need with each other. Oh, and it also boasts of dreamy fireplaces and river views. Perfect to unleash your wild side!

Loire 1

Loire 2

4. Desert Cave Hotel, Coober Pedy, Australia

Coober Pedy is one of the most sought after locations in Australia as it is the region where precious Opals are mined. The desert region is also famous for its underground houses and dwellings, many of which have taken the form of hotels. The residents too live underground as it helps stay pleasant even during the harsh summers in the region. The Desert Cave Hotel is a hotel both, over the ground and underground. If you want the cave type rooms, choose the underground option. However, remember that you get no windows so not for the claustrophobic, this!

Desert Cave Hotel 1

Desert Cave Hotel 2

5. Sala Silvermine,  Västmanland County, Sweden

If you’re really in the mood to splurge and make your honeymoon special and unique, then you can choose to spend it right inside this mine which once acted as a silver mine but is now defunct. The mine is a major tourist attraction and there are a host of events held inside the mine. Also, the mine has only 1 room, deep, deep, deep underground (155 m below the surface) that makes it all the more special. The room is completely isolated, has no electricity and is only lit by candles! Further, there’s no cellphone reception (hello privacy) and you also get to explore the secret sections of the mines!

Sala Silvermine 1

Sala Silvermine 2

6. Beckham Creek Cave Lodge, Arkansas, United States

The Beckham Creek Cave Lodge is one rare, unique and shit expensive cave hotel but it will give you an experience you never ever will forget. The 6,000 sq. ft. cave resort resides right inside a mountain which means you get to live inside a real ‘cave’. Each of the rooms have stunning views of the mountains and the valleys and will make you feel like a true caveman. Though looking ancient, nothing about this cave is old as it comes with all the modern amenities and luxuries. You can take a romantic ride on the Buffalo river or get cozy in a hot-air balloon. There’s even water sports and mountaineering for the adventurous!

Beckham Cave 1

7. Marhala, Matmata, Tunisia

Not exactly the traditional honeymoon destination, but if you both are a Star Wars fan, this destination can actually add more than a million stars to your special holiday together! Matmata, a small region in Tunisia is full of hundreds of cave dwellings and the special feature of the exotic Star Wars scenes. Though there are multiple cave hotels, the Marhala is one if the best and will make you feel like you’ve gone back in time with all the modern amenities. It’s a completely unique experience and it is perfect if you wish to do really nothing else but relax and get lost in each other during your time here (which is the whole point of the honeymoon!)

Marhala 1


8. Alexander’s Boutique Hotel rooms, Santorini, Greece

There’s really nothing we need to tell you about Greece. Perhaps one of the most popular destinations in the world, Greece is famous for both, it’s architectural as well as natural beauty. There’s something for every palate out here and it’s simply mesmerising. Overlooking the stunningly clear blue waters of Greece, this cave hotels has cave rooms right from regular rooms to cave suites. Santorini Island is a famous tourist destination so you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to activities too! Complete privacy is guaranteed. This is one honeymoon you’ll never want to end, trust us!

Greece 1

Greece 2

9. Kokopelli’s Cave, New Mexico, USA

New Mexico has a lot of tourist destinations like Santa Fe and this hotel or rather Cave House is built into the vertical cliffs of Tertiary Ojo Alamo sandstone. Overlooking a river, a stay at this hotel will give you the rugged feel of the mountains as well as the romance associated with rivers and nature, all at once. The cave is not a complete hotel but a complete home and booking a ‘room’ is booking the entire cave 1700 sq ft cave, complete with a bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc. Soak up the beauty of nature, spend some time with chipmunks, squirrels and other critters and just unwind with your partner in the privacy.

New Mexico 1

10. Hotel Sant’Angelo, Matera, Italy

Think a beautiful royal hotel with nets streaming from your bed, a beautiful tub right in your room and a beautiful white room lit with candles… it simply redefines romance. Italy is an extremely popular destination for tourists but for honeymooners, skipping the regular hotels and trying out this dreamland can simply take their experience to the next level. If you’re the dreamy, romantic types then this one is made just for you! Siliar to Le Grotte della Civita, this one too is a UNESCO heritage site and has a rich historical past to keep you interested!

Angelo Matera 1

Angelo Matera 2

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