918Kiss Plus Online Game Introduction-Ne Zha Nao Hai



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The “Ne Zha Nao Hai” slot machine is a 918Kiss Plus, which is based on the “Nazi Naohai” story background in the famous Chinese myth story “Feng Shen Yan Yi”. The slot machine with the same name as the story is made. The main axis of the story is the soul that everyone is familiar with. The character Nezha, the three princes, killed the world of the Four Sea Dragon Kings who would not let Xing Demon stalk the fear. He fought fearlessly with the Four Sea Dragon Kings and shrimp soldiers and crabs, and finally repelled the Four Sea Dragon Kings, bringing good weather to the world. This game is the latest masterpiece of this year’s 918Kiss Plus, and it has been fully launched in Macau!

Innovate the platform to win the treasure!

Different from the previous fixed-value free games, Huantai Duobao will win multiple bonuses according to the player’s fighting situation. When 4 or more lotus logos appear during the game, they will enter a special combat prize, allowing players to feel the atmosphere of fighting against the Four Sea Dragon Kings with Nezha; when entering the battle screen, the sea monster logo on the disk will gather to the upper right From the left to the right, when the Nezha logo reappears, it will kill the sea monster closest to it. When the same sea monster logo accumulates more, Nezha will get more bonus by shooting down the sea monster. Until the Nezha annihilates all the sea monster logos, or when the sea monster logo accumulates to squeeze Nezha out of the far left range, the special combat prize will end. Come and help Nezha conquer the Dragon King to win the victory and win up to 100,000 times. Bet multiples!

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