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918Kiss Plus Winter Wonderland Slots

There are a lot of online games out there that adhere to a niche market, a select but loyal few who have an untold love for the theme they engage with, and usually we’d be inclined to say that Winter Wonderland, a 25-payline title, is among them. But then we played it and changed our minds.

This 5-reel slot machine is as Christmasy as Christmas with a capital C can be. However, because it has been so well constructed and put together, with a stunning 3D set of graphics that are about as immersive as they come, this game is a blinder no matter what time of year or whether you have a love for Xmas or not.

Winter is wonderful, but a winter wonderland is something else entirely – take a closer look and see if we can’t coax you into getting into that Christmas spirit.

Ice and Snow

The name does give it away a little, but the scene for this slot is a snow-drenched opening with barren trees and twinkling fairy lights, with a jolly looking Santa waiting for you to start the game. Then, wrapped inside a present made of ice topped with a bow, sits the matrix that all your Christmases can come early in: the 3×5 grid that is filled with every image of the festive season imaginable.

Every single one relates to the theme in some way, and best of all they come to life whenever a combo is made, which we just think adds to the whole effect of the title. We don’t just mean there’s a slight flash and then it fizzes out, we’re talking sleighs crashing towards you throwing up chunks of snow.

Seeing as everything is Christmas in this electronic bubble, it should go without saying that the Santa tile is the most rewarding one, with 2,000 credits when five of him (we didn’t know there was so many of him?!) appear on your paylines. Exciting as that is, we’re sure you’re going to want to know about the two bonus rounds you can unlock.

Let’s look at the rudolph one first. Two or more of the famous reindeer on either the first or fifth reel and you will be at the head of the sleigh, behind the reins, dashing through the snow. Players need to bag themselves as many presents as they can on this snowy journey, for the more they collect the higher the end amount will be.

In regards to the second bonus round, which is illustrated by a gloved hand holding a snowball, it’s all about having a bit of fun. There are some snowmen about and all you have to do is throw snowballs at them… The thing is, you’ve only got three opportunities to do this so you’d better hope that all those times spent playing this game as a child has paid off.

But wait there’s more, this time in the form of a scatter symbol. As is common with these icons across multiple games, free spins are credited to you, in this case 5. However, these beauties also add a multiplier to those rounds, making it a lot more rewarding.

Be of Good Cheer!

For a minimum bet of just 0.01, this slot machine has it all and is more than we’d ever hoped for before playing it. Medium to high variance, amazing graphics, two lots of mini levels and a series of free spins, not to mention a multiplier thrown in for good measure. Yes you could argue that having an Xmas theme limits the game in some way, but we found ourselves engrossed despite our cynical hearts, so we’re sure you can experience that too.

Let’s play it at Tony88!

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